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You Create the Art 2011 paintings

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You Create the Art 2011 @ Snyder Art

Tightly packed and buzzing with live music, laughter and creativity, Snyder Art in the Carlsbad Village hosted its 2nd annual art show titled ‘You Create the Art’ on Aug. 25th, 2011. Art shows and art themed street fairs seem to be popping up every weekend, but in this case, Snyder approached the idea of an […]

You Create the Art 2011

WHAT: You Create the Art 2011 art show WHERE: Snyder Art and Design (map) WHEN: Thurs. Aug. 25th 5pm-11 WHY: Creating an artistic local culture one event at a time Bryan Snyder, Carlsbad based artist and editor of, is hosting his second annual art show titled ‘You Create the Art’ at his Carlsbad Village […]

You Create the Art 2011 MURAL

Richard Margolin Interview

Through vibrant colors and legendary music icons, Richard Margolin fuses art with the soul on the environmental canvas that is his home. Click HERE, or on the above image, to read his interview and see his work!

Hello Trouble • Nathan James Trio @ NVA

WHAT: Hello Trouble and Nathan James LIVE CONCERT WHERE: New Village Arts Theatre in the Carlsbad Village (map) WHEN: Wed. Aug. 24th at 8pm TICKETS: $20 Click HERE for! Click HERE for! Click HERE to purchase tickets! Tickets also available at the door.

VIDEO: Surfing Madonna Collaboration

In his signature “drip” technique, Bryan Snyder dripped paint through a total of 17 hand cut stencils ultimately creating the “Surfing Madonna” image without once touching his brush to the canvas. Using glass left over from the original mosaic, Mark Patterson beautifully created an eye catching mosaic around the edges of the entire canvas, subtly […]

Surfing Madonna Collaboration Photo

Limited Edition photo of the Surfing Madonna Collaboration • $20 • 8.5in. x 11in. • Limited Edition photo of 50 • Signed by Mark Patterson and Bryan Snyder • Dated and titled Payment via paypal. Account not necessary. Portion of proceeds donated to Mark Patterson to help pay for the fines and fees he incurred […]

The Surfing Madonna Rides Again

WHAT: First public showing of the “Surfing Madonna” collaboration WHEN: Sunday, Aug. 14th 9AM-4PM WHERE: Skylar’s Home and Patio (map) For the first time publicly, Mark Patterson (the artist of the Surfing Madonna) and Carlsbad artist Bryan Snyder will be showing their recently finished painting and mosaic collaboration. Snyder painted a 5ft. x 4ft. canvas […]

Mark Kistler Art Camp in Carlsbad

WHAT: Mark Kistler’s Imagination Station Summer Camp in Carlsbad WHERE: Pacific Breeze Baptist Church (MAP) WHEN: August 8-12 Session 1: 9:00am – 10:00am 5 to 7 year olds Session 2: 10:30am – 11:30am 8 to 13+ year olds Session 3: 12:00pm – 1:00pm 8 to 14+ year olds Session 4: 1:30pm – 2:30pm 8 to […]

Community Collage at Ché Café

On Saturday, Aug. 6, the Ché Café on the UCSD campus loaded its menu with a night of poetry, live music, art and a community collage project organized by Bryan Snyder. The Ché Café offers a place for like minds to meet, share ideas and express themselves through art. The walls are laden with murals. […]

Social Club Beneft Show

WHAT: Social Club Benefit Show WHERE: Ché Café on the UCSD campus WHEN: Sat. August 6th 6pm-Midnight WHY: All proceeds go to the Ché Café and Ducky Waddles Bryan Snyder will be hosting a community collage during the benefit. Help create a portrait of Ché Guevara out of magazine tear outs. Click HERE for Snyder’s […]

8th Ply Twenty Eleven Art Show

WHAT: 8th Ply Twenty Eleven Art Show WHERE: Hard Rock Cafe SD WHEN: Friday Aug. 5th 7-10PM Click HERE to get on the guest list! See you there!

Hello Trouble @ Coyote in Cbad Village

WHAT: Hello Trouble vintage Country LIVE WHERE: Coyote Car and Grill (MAP) WHEN: Wednesday Aug. 3rd 6pm-10 Experience the amazing voice and original songs by Susanna Kurner, the jaw dropping guitar solos by Jeffrey P. Ross and the full package of North County’s favorite vintage country band. Click HERE to visit! See you there!

All Tapped Out

Ideas get planted in the streets with the intention of sharing a thought and ultimately encouraging another. They hide is subtle places, yet have deep underlying messages. They announce worries and share carnal desires. They celebrate accomplishments and challenge traditions. Prolific ideas are everywhere… … but sometimes an idea is nothing but a headache.

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