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You Couldn’t Make This Up

When you eyes are wide and your mind scours like a frantic rodent, you are bound to find observations worth noting. You find an unfamiliar sticker and you snap a photo of your favorite landscape. You watch tourists fumble along the shorebreak in soggy jeans and you eye a recently rolled stone. Observations are subtle; […]

Cardiff Kook gets a Tune Up

On Tuesday, July 26th, early morning commuters and seaside walkers honked, shot photos and pointed at the now beloved Cardiff Kook sculpture. Unlike the past, the kook’s decorator did not worked in the wee hours of the day, but was in plane view under the sun. This decorator was not just any local hoodlum looking […]

Paradise Pizza has you covered

The sun is out, the ocean water is refreshing and your toes wiggle in the warm sun. Friends chatter and waves crash. Frisbees sling and paddle balls smash. A Summer day at the beach in Carlsbad is truly paradise… and it just got better! Paradise Pizza, conveniently snug in between State Street and Roosevelt on […]

Doodle Dunnced: Limited Edition Art

click photo to enlarge Doodle Dunnced by Bryan Snyder • Water color and pencil illustration • Limited of only 50 pieces of art • 12in. x 9in. on 140 lb. water color paper • Signed and numbered by the artist • Accompanied by Certificate of Authenticity Price: $50 (you DO NOT need a paypal account. […]

A Letter from the City of Encinitas

The Magic Carpet Ride or more commonly referred to as the ‘Cardiff Kook’, has been the target of numerous reworkings. It has been dressed up as cupid, eaten by a shark, outed the Encinitas City Council as a propaganda yielding ‘Surfing Madonna’ and, as referenced in the above letter the Encinitas Deputy City Manager, dressed […]

Oodles of Doodles @ E Street Cafe

The downtown Encinitas streets scampered with wide eyes and busy hands as groups of children and adults participated in an art hunt on Sunday, July 10th, titled ‘Hide and Go Seek Doodle: Encinitas’ organized by Bryan Snyder. The local community was invited to visit the E Street Cafe where they were greeted by over 40 […]

Hide and Go Seek Doodle: Encinitas

Snyder Art, and E Street Cafe in Encinitas are teaming up for Snyder’s 2nd ‘Hide and Go Seek Doodle’ urban art hunt. A giant 8ft. Doodle has been painted which also serves as a canvas for 100+ hanging Doodle reproductions on wood with clues. Pick up your clues and begin your urban exploration in […]

Hello Trouble at Hensley’s

WHAT: Hello Trouble WHERE: Hensley’s Flying Elephant (map) WHEN: Sat. July 9th 8:30PM WHY: The best Vintage Country around! See you there!

Where a Kid Can Be a Kid

Memories of being a kid remind of days when an alarm clock was the scent of fresh pancakes climbing the stairs from your mother’s pan. A time card was a curfew and a lunch break was a ball game on a playground in between math and science. A paycheck was a pocket of change after […]

Carlsbad Beach Day: 4th of July

The ocean blue kissed the cloudless sky all day as the coastal Eddie stayed far from the Carlsbad coastline over the long holiday weekend. Bare feet scampered over hot sand and overhead kites whipped in the Summer breeze. Hundreds of colorful umbrellas pierced the shore like a tailor’s needles pricks a plump cushion and the […]

Oceanside Independence Day Freedom Parade

click all photos to enlarge On Saturday, July 2, 2011, live music, floats and walking groups followed the long trail of palm trees along Oceanside’s Coast Highway during the annual Oceanside Independence Day Freedom Parade. To celebrate this year’s theme, “The Spirit of Freedom”, combat vehicles crept down the heated asphalt while the cloudless sun […]

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