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Snyder’s LA Art Hunt winners

Snyder Art and the carlsbadcrawl collective have been doing art hunt and community based art projects and installations in the streets of Carlsbad for over 3 years now. Each year the highly anticipated craft parties and hunts are planted in the streets for Easter and Christmas morning. Group paintings pop up on the corners of […]

Doodle Plants an Urban Garden by Snyder

Doodle wanders the streets planting his colorful ideas. He encourages members and visitors of the Los Angeles community to find each of his flowers. This scavenger hunt attempts to encourage an artistically aware culture while promoting friendship, local businesses and the urban exploration through street art. “Rather than placing art on the walls of a […]

Snyder Art Receives an Ear Full

Greetings! This ended up in my car when my daughter was home on Spring break. I didn’t know what to do with it, so when I read about your project in the UT, I figured you might appreciate having it back! The package is serendipitous recycling! – Lee Thanks Lee… greatly appreciated!! Click HERE for […]


North County San Diego’s own vintage country band Hello Trouble is ready for their first professionally recorded CD. Susanna Kurner has written an amazing collection of original songs including “I Hate You/I Love You”, “You’re the Only One” and “California Home”. These original covers songs, along with crowd favorite covers,  are ready to be recorded. […]

Surfing Madonna goes to Council

According to the rubric proposed by carlsbadcrawl, the Surfing Madonna in Encinitas qualifies as a piece of street art worth keeping. Its aesthetic artistry is that of a professional. Though not all, a large percent of the community supports it. The content is widely unoffensive, though again a small percent of the community differs. Its […]

Eddie the Carlsbad Great Gray

It creeps over the glassy sea and upon the cool sand. It slithers up and over the brush scattered bluff. It eyes the sleepy morning village and tumbles down the empty streets. Its arrival is infrequent, though sightings are common in May and into June. It casts a shadow greater than any cloud and causes […]

Doodle of the Week 5/14

Untitled by A. Donez

FLASHBACK: Magnolia Elementary 1960

click to enlarge In 1960… • Olympics held in Rome • Bono is born • Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho is released • The Beatles make their debut in Hamburg, Germany • Chubby Checker introduces The Twist at the Peppermint Lounge in New York • Elvis Presley returns to the music scene after his discharge from the […]

Happy Mother’s Day 2011 Doodle Illustration

click to enlarge Happy Mother’s Day 2011 by Bryan Snyder • Water color and pencil illustration • 12in. x 9in. on 140 lb. water color paper • Signed and dated by the artist Price: $50   There was no printer or giclee reproduction in the creation of these hand painted and illustrated pieces of art. […]

Sanctioned Street Art Rubric: Surfing Madonna

What happens when vandalism becomes a positive fixture in the community? What happens when the community fights to keep vandalism and when does vandalism become sanctioned art? The Surfing Modanna, a remarkable mosaic installed on the City of Encinitas property by artists dressed up as construction workers, has ignited a heated debate. City officials have […]

Buffing Vandalsim from Street Art

Many different art movements have formed throughout art history with each one as important and highly documented as the previous. Impressionism broke away from traditional European painting as a way to emphasize the artist’s perception of the subject matter as much as the subject itself. The Dada movement formed through moral outrage over WW1 and […]

HELLO TROUBLE busted at the Carlsbad Faire

Over 100,000 visitors slithered along the smoldering streets of our Village during the 38th annual Spring Carlsbad Street Faire. Even the pelting sun rays couldn’t deter the masses of the local and visiting guests, but unfortualtey it only took one of those 100,000 to ruin a good time for the rest. Hello Trouble, a local […]

HELLO TROUBLE at the Carlsbad Street Faire

Check out some local vintage country today at the Carlsbad Street Faire! WHAT: Hello Trouble WHERE: Snyder Art during the Carlsbad Street Faire (map) WHEN: 1-3PM Don’t forget to get your own Hello Trouble t shirt!

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