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Banksy or Fakesy in Oceanside?

Banksy has struck again…? Hipsters and press gathered around the large black wall of Bull Taco in Oceanside to marvel at a large painted rat and kite supposedly created by the secretive street artist Banksy. Cameras flashed and the press scrambled for interviews similar to scenes around recent Banksy pieces in the street of Los […]


Congratulations Derek for finding him in an abandoned newspaper stand at Pig Liquor on Carlsbad Village Drive. The clues that resulted in the finding were: 1. He hides among the pages of protest. 2. His favorite Wayne’s World quote is “I definitely smell a pork product of some type.” 3. A giant Bird of Paradise […]

Changing Places by Marsha Ercegovic

Carlsbadcrawl first met this passionate artist one sunny day in the village. In a soft clump of grass sat the new Carlsbad resident and artist Marsha Ercegovic. A canvas of light blues and tans was propped upon a low easel as Marsha sat in the grass with a twisting Euculyptus tree and weathered church in […]

You Find Him, You Keep Him

He currently hides in the Carlsbad Village and offers a single rose to the one who seeks him out! You find him, you keep him #1 (2011) acrylic on cardboard 8.5in. x 11in. Click HERE for clues and updates!

Happy Birthday Dad

Carlsbad ’78 Happy Birthday Dad… We miss you!

Covering the Coverage: Paradise Pizza

On Wednesday night around 11:30pm, a masked robber entered Paradise Pizza of Carlsbad with a hand-sized gun, can of mace and intentions of emptying the cash register. After a short verbal altercation, the man was caught off guard by owner Mychal Dourson and employee Patrick Clemons, resulting with the masked derelict subdued on the ground, […]

…MIGHT BE THE ONE! by bryan snyder

With the sun high and the blue sky void of clouds for the majority of the day, smitten couples celebrated their love with a stroll down the Carlsbad boardwalk. Others who found themselves single smiled with a hint of hope as they approached a small figure hovering over the sidewalk near the intersection of Pine […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

Speak from the heart by Snyder Happy Valentine’s Day from Snyder Art

Hey you guys!

Art speaks through many languages. It is the universal tongue that has the capability of connecting people of all cultures, languages and traditions. Messages are arranged within a composition through juxtapositions of shape, color, text, sound, movement and iconography. Sometimes the goal of the artist is to transfer an exact message and sometimes the goal […]

Morgan Hewitt : A Geometric Crawl

What is your background in sculpture/architectural design? Where do you attend school? I didn’t really have a background in sculpture until this project. I’ve always had sort of an abstract approach to things though. Since I started going to school for architecture at New School of Architecture and Design, I have really let my mind […]

Waving Goodbye…

Today is your last chance to see New Village Arts Theatre’s current play Waving Goodbye. WAVING GOODBYE is the story of Lily Blue, a 17-year-old photographer who loses her father in a mountain climbing accident, and must spend her 17th year with the mother who abandoned her. It’s a story of loss, grief, change, making […]

Celebration of Life

WHAT: Celebration of Life WHERE: Holiday Park WHEN: 11am-dusk Ping pong, food, drink and friends!

Paradise Pizza Late Night SPECIALS

Valentine’s Day SPECIAL by Snyder Art

Valentine’s Day Special by Snyder Art True love is like a painting. It never wilts; it never dies. It hangs with confidence and radiates with color. It warms the heart with every interaction and ignites dreamlike adventures. It is original and tended with care. It uplifts when you are down and cuddles when you are […]

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