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Introducing James Vegabond: 10 days

James Vegabond wanders the globe with nothing more than a small sack weighted down by his few belongings. He travels without a map and rarely asks for directions. He follows his instincts and uses his wit to make through each day. See the original James Vegabond painting at Snyder Art 2010! Snyder Art 2010 WHEN: […]

Past Chapters: Snyder Art 2008, 2009

Each year of paintings and public projects concludes with a solo show at my village based studio. I think of these shows as portfolios of each year’s work, a chapter in my life-long passion for the creative process. Though I have been creating and meticulously documenting since my pre-teen years, I have chosen to begin […]

Paradise Pizza to cater Snyder Art 2010: 12 days

Paradise Pizza of Carlsbad to cater Snyder Art 2010! Dec. 10th 6PM (map)

A day off: 13 days

As the creator of each painting, designer of all marketing material and organizer of all creative marketing projects, I spend a lot of time in the studio the months leading up to a show. My hands, feet and phone are constantly covered with paint and my mind brainstorms ideas well beyond my deadlines. My studio […]

Ear to Toe: 14 days

Snyder Art 2010 will showcase 25 of my newest and never exhibited paintings from the 2010 year. Work begins 10 months in advance and continues up until a few weeks before the show. The last 2 months consists of a feverish pace to complete the remaining paintings, as well as art for marketing purposes and […]

Thankful for Inspiration: 15 days

“I’m thankful for inspiration… because without that, there wouldn’t really be much happening.” – Ben Powell at the Royal Dive Nov. 24th Snyder Art 2010: Dec. 10th in the Carlsbad Village

The Road to Snyder Art 2010: 16 days

All the paintings are finished, music and food has been scheduled, all videos are shot,  press releases sent, creative marketing campaigns organized and merchandise created. Follow as Bryan Snyder lays the path to another annual solo show of all new paintings and ideas… Snyder Art 2010, Bryan Snyder’s 3rd annual solo show taking place at […]

Hello Trouble at Hensley’s 8PM

WHAT: Hello Trouble WHERE: Hensley’s Flying Elephant (MAP) WHEN: Saturday Nov. 2oth (tonight) 8PM WHO: Anyone and Everyone WHY: North County’s newest music sensation Click HERE for more of Hello Trouble! video shot at the Mediterranean Cafe in the Carlsbad Village

2011 Carlsbad’s Local Calendar: AVAILABLE NOW

Now Available ONLINE: $10 “An archive containing hundreds of photos has been browsed with the goal of finding a total of 13 photos that capture the sites of the Carlsbad village, the sites locals see walking to and from work, while walking their dogs and during sunset strolls.” • 13 color photos of the Carlsbad […]

The State of the Village

The weather is changing, we have set back our clocks and 2011 is rapidly approaching which means the Third Annual Local’s Calendar is right around the corner. An archive containing hundreds of photos has been browsed with the goal of finding a total of 13 photos that capture the sites of the Carlsbad village, […]

Jefferson Elementary: Together We Can…

Congratulations to all the Jefferson Elementary School Artists! The work for this year’s show titled “Together We Can…” looked amazing! Thanks for inviting us back to judge!

Hello Trouble extends the Street Faire

On Sunday November 7th, the sun shined brightly; the scent of freshly popped kettle corn tumbled in the coastal breeze and a wide variety of food, crafts and services were on hand during this year’s biannual Carlsbad Village Street Faire. Locals and visitors crept along the hot asphalt as merchants enticed with their latest gags, […]

The Informed Voter

As the 2010 election comes to a close our village will soon be cleansed of the brightly colored signage that scatters the streets. Until then, signs clump at intersections and sway in coastal breeze. They stand steadfast on private property and lobby at business forefronts. Matt Hall jumped the gun, then covered every inch of […]

Halloween in the village 2010

These were our favorites… What were yours?

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