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Limited Edition prints now available: • 2 designs • one time run of 31 of each design • screen printed by hand at Snyder Art • signed and dated by the artist • 9in. x 12in. quality paper • cardboard backing and plastic sleeve • includes authentication proof • Order includes glossy sticker of each […]

Carl’s Bad Dream by Snyder Art

An early Fall chill runs through moist grass and shadows dance upon a rolling green hill. Cars speed on the neighboring freeway as a low murmur of hot rubber and overworked engines makes their best impersonations of waves crashing upon the nearby beach. A powerboat yanks limp vests and the stories of a thousand nightmares […]

Doodle of the Week 10/23

A doodle during the Mayoral and City Council Candidate’s Forum at the the Carlsbad Village Theatre earlier this week. Highlights included Bill Jubb’s gasps, Matt Hall’s smirking avoidance of a village skatepark question, Mark Packard’s Ron Burgundy impression and the always entertaining Glenn R. Bernard. photo from left to right: Farrah Douglas, Bill Jubb, Mark […]

Creativity Cluster

A creative mind brainstorms potential projects like a child connects Lego pieces. The pile increases skyward in a colorful tower. These ideas are shaped differently, colored in contrasting hues and textured individually to the touch, but like a rich culture of connected minds, they are all related. A central idea digs deep into the ground […]

Studios Available at the Foundry

The New Village Arts Foundry (map) has a few select studio spaces available for working artists. A variety of media is welcome. “Come be creative in congenial, dynamic surroundings in the beautiful village of Carlsbad’ just three blocks from the beach. With the adjoining critically-acclaimed New Village Arts Theatre as the hub of for the […]

The Village Honeycomb: part 2 of 2

The bee marveled at all the the wide eyes and smiles that eagerly waited to enter the honeycomb. Each bee in line stood swollen with inspiration like a tight balloon moments before its last breath. The bee stood tall and introduced himself. He shared his story through long and winded expressions. He conveyed his visions […]

The Village Honeycomb: part 1 of 2

A single bee buzzed through the bare branches of a dead tree. It hovered over the blades of a freshly cut lawn and floated aimlessly along the cool coastal breeze. The early afternoon sun beats down on his back like a mallet on a fresh slab of meat and his wings sent phonic vibrations down […]

A Golden Village

A paycheck might be too small and a car might run too slow. A dog might bark too often and your jalopy might need a tow. An upstairs neighbor might wear high heels late into the night and an ocean might sleep long with waves out of sight. A neighboring building might encroach on your […]


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