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A Lasting Impression

You scatter Facebook and Twitter with photos. You cover your car with eye catching stickers and you dye your hair the color of a late September sunset. Long painted nails make your office job impossible and the exterior of your home is painted the colors of a brightly decorated Easter Egg. In one way or […]

TUTORIAL: Carlsbad Art Splash 2010

Street Chalking Made Easy 1. Select an image. Many chalk artist choose to reproduce pieces by past masters, but feel free to recreate an original. Print out the chosen piece. Draw a grid over the piece in a series of evenly distributed vertical and horizontal lines. Label the vertical lines with numbers and the horizontal […]

Components of Culture: Village Music Walk

A  seed was planted, nourished in a soil which was rich with artistic potential. The seed twisted; the seed swelled and a small, yet determined, sapling pushed through the moist soil and broke the surface. The sapling’s stem grew thick. Petals developed in pods as creative ideas stirred in the surrounding streets. Minds connected and […]

Stencil Demo: Raw Skin Surf Shop

WHAT: Stencil demo by Bryan Snyder WHERE: Raw Skin Surf Shop on Carlsbad Blvd. (map) WHEN: Saturday, Sept. 25th starting at 10am WHY: Summer has arrived…? The Raw Skin infamous bench will be getting a much needed makeover. Observe Bryan Snyder work his drip technique through a multi-layer stencil. Demo will be going most of […]


DOB: 08-10-2010 LAST SEEN: Near Tamarack Beach DESCRIPTION: Painted in 7 vertical strips of color. Each strip consisting of 5 shades of that color. Thick texture and signed and dated in the strip’s contrasting color Any information leading to the location of this trashcan will result in a reward of an original Snyder Art painting…

Doodle of the Week 09/18

Van Gogh Sunflowers by Lennon

The Last Polar Bear

A bead of sweat builds on the brow of an expressionless onlooker as a tear swells in the eye of a frightened polar bear. The claws of the bear grip the tip of his dwindling domain though his fur is as bright as a fresh snowfall. The earth is gashed by a jack hammer at […]

Mind over Matter?

Conceptual art contains a well thought out reasoning for the creation of a piece. Emphasis is put on the meaning, rather than solely on the visual experience. Dali described the psychological findings of Freud through symbolism and Duchamp challenged the traditional notion of art. Rothko simplified canvases to solid planes of color and Rauschenberg presented […]

Weak and Weathered: Labor Day 2010

Ideas are like snowflakes on a cold Winter day. Their whimsical decent concludes with a delicate landing upon a pile of previous brainstorms. In a creative blizzard, ideas clutter on the frozen ground in a thick blanket of inspiration. This layer continues to build, reaching your window pane, climbing your door and eventually trapping you […]

…from his fingertips.

An empty bottle crashes upon the sidewalk sending shimmering shards into the dark street. Swerving cars sway through the glass as a feeble corner house sends midnight serenades into the early hours. Doors slam and hiccups echo under the swollen moon. Windows rattle and a neighboring dog yelps. The front lawn, moist with late night […]

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