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Have You Seen Me?

A sandy toed boy sniffles as his favorite beach ball rolls into the distance. It tumbles along the sandy asphalt as a boy sulks on the porch of his beach side bungalow. Barefoot kicks launch the ball into the air and gusts send it bouncing off roadside debris. The ball yearns for the delicate hands […]

Remembering Same ‘Ol

I first met Don “Same ‘Ol” Hocza in the back of Rite Aid, formally known as Thrifty’s, in the early 90s. I was a young skateboarding kid who used the village streets as my training ground. At this time skateboarding became illegal in the Carlsbad village and the local group of skateboarders instantly became rebels, […]

In “Plein” View

Some artists prefer to create behind closed doors where they meticulously work from photographs or from within the imaginative walls of their mind. Their creative process is rarely seen and their finished product is unveiled weeks, months or years after completion. Others prefer to capture their subject in its natural environment, under natural light and […]

LIVE Stencil Demo @ Beech St.

WHAT: Stencil Demo by Snyder Art WHEN: Sunday Aug. 22nd 2PM WHERE: Beech St. (on the beach) WHY: Live Art and a remembrance of Same ‘Ol Snyder Art will be recreating a mural that was done years ago and has since weathered to nonrecognition. Come out and observe the multi layer stencil demo, enjoy the […]


“The heads of bats remained intact this night, but the crowd made up for Prince of Darkness’s professionalism with their own array of animalistic behaviors as Ozzfest swaggered and swayed through another barbaric weekend.” Click HERE for the FULL STORY, PHOTOS and VIDEO!

Eight Ply SK8 Deck Show @ ASR/Syrah WIne Parlor

WHAT: Eight Ply Sk8 Deck Art Show WHEN: Friday August 13th WHERE: ASR during day/Syrah Wine Parlor during night (map) Show organized by We Love Creativity and Sk8ology

The Art Street Journal @ Snyder Art is proud to announce that The Art Street Journal, created by those at Carmichael Gallery, will now be available FREE at Snyder Art. TASJ covers exciting emerging and established artists who are exhibiting in museums and galleries or participating in public events and completing personal projects of note. The Art Street Journal also covers […]

Win a Snyder Art @ Art in the Village

Drunkin’ Jack Daniel ‘O Lantern has been squatting on the sidewalk in front of Snyder Art for the past week. He has been seen haggling locals and making frequent visits to Fiesta Liquor. After his week of village shenanigans, he has developed a swollen belly. Guess Drunkin’ Jack Daniel ‘O Lantern’s weight and win a […]

the Art of the Ocean Villas Rentals

As a visitor to coastal Carlsbad, you will have the dilemma of choosing one of the many outstanding vacation rentals to call your temporary home. Chances are you will want to stay on the beach with barbecue pits, large balconies and breathtaking ocean views. Most rentals offer these amenities, but few offer the visual treat […]

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