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On your mark, get set… THROW!

Photographers concerned with aesthetics usually prefer to remain behind the camera. They photo perfectly balanced compositions and they capture heavenly highlights. Conceptual photographers are more concerned with capturing the moment, solidifying a memory and recording an idea. For the latter, a camera’s self timer option is mandatory. Conceptual photographers fill memory cards like scientist fill […]

Hello Trouble and Nathan James @ NVA

June 20th 2010 Hello Trouble and The Nathan James Trio at the New Village Arts Theatre Click HERE for Hello Trouble (website)! Click HERE for The Nathan James Trio (website)! Thank you New Village Arts for hosting this musical showdown!

Let the Good Times Roll…

What skateboarding means to me… It means saving lunch money for a new deck, walking across cities to skate a set of stairs and hitch-hiking to distant University campuses on Christmas morning to skate without campus security. Walking on your tippy-toes for months at a time because of bruised heels. Swellbows that you thought would […]

Hello Trouble & Nathan James: NVA Theatre

WHO: Hello Trouble and The Nathan James Trio WHAT: A Blues and Country Showdown WHERE: New Village Arts Theatre (MAP) WHEN: Sunday June 20th @ 7PM Introducing North County’s newest country band, Hello Trouble, in a musical showdown with the nationally-known blues band, The Nathan James Trio. The two bands will share the stage and […]

Artistic Observations- Ireland

I wanted real adventures to happen to myself. But real adventures do not happen to people who remain at home- they must be sought abroad.” – James Joyce from The Dubliners pg.11 Click HERE for photos, video and the complete observation!

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