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Plant an Egg 2010: CRAFT NIGHT

It’s that time of year again. Easter is just around the corner and that means brightly decorated eggs will soon be scattered throughout our village streets. Come participate in our 3rd annual PROJECT: Plant an Egg! WHAT: Plant an Egg 2010 Craft Night WHERE: the ARTpartment WHEN: April 1st @ 7pm (THURSDAY NIGHT) WHO: Anyone […]

Happy Birthday Van Gogh

Happy Birthday Vincent Van Gogh! March 30, 1853 – July 29, 1890 photo taken in Amsterdam 2007

Los Sindicate @ Hensley’s TONIGHT

WHAT: Los Sindicate WHERE: Hensley’s Flying Elephant (map) WHEN: Sat. March 27th 8PM WHY: mean fiddlin’ and all… NO COVER! You remember last time they played Hensley’s… see you there! Also… art show at Bakerloo Salon tonight at 7pm (flyer)

…only an illusion.

Their horse ran as strong as a locomotive and their destination was a mystery to them and to all whom they left behind. Their bags were packed with the necessities and their ambitions were as limitless as a cloudless sky. Hand in hand, they set out in search for unfamiliar streets, nameless faces and new […]

A Day at Balboa Park

Balboa Park is a 1,200 acre urban cultural park  densely populated with a large variety of trees, scattered with many museums and animated with people from all over the world. Many of the parks attractions are lined along the El Prado, a long road that runs through the center of the park. Grouping of students […]

Plant a Flower Day in the village

The sun shined strong and the blue sky was as empty as a Summertime school yard. Village restaurants animated with lunch time rushes and the last hours of a long work week slowly ticked to the tune of the approaching weekend. As most were packing their things and day dreaming of sinking their toes in […]

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