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Idea Center Open 24hrs.

There isn’t a designated location where ideas are created. A thought can enter your mind at anytime and anywhere. The trick is to be open and observant at all times! What observation have you made recently? photo submitted by reader

LOST: Borrego Springs

click on photos to enlarge Life is full of accomplishments and failures, rewards and perils and loves and heartbreaks. Your outlook on life is molded by the events of your days and your thoughts mirror those with similar interests. You crawl down your village streets exchanging complements to friendly neighbors. A handful of conversations are […]

Imagine all the Passion

Your passions have the power to dictate your daily schedule, your emotions and your desires. Your love for that passion encourages you to express your ideas. You drip paint on blank white canvases, pluck melodies on a favorite guitar or rambles poems about a loved one. No matter your medium, you perform what you soul […]

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