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Look… another one!

The sun stretches low as a crisp Christmas morning in the Carlsbad village invites families and friends. Children bundled up in fuzzy sweaters trample down the shady sidewalks and parents sip their first cup. City workers rake leaves and pick up debris as an observant child stares into a tree. A crafted ornament in purples […]

Project: Plant an Ornament 2009

Did you find one of the 50 crafted ornaments? They are currently scattered in the village streets. Log the ornament number below as a comment and… don’t forget to include a description of your ornament! Project begins Christmas morning!!! Click HERE for more info on the project!

A night of CREATIVITY at the ARTpartment

Friends and family met again at the ARTpartment to create crafts for this year’s Project: Plant an Ornament 2009 on December 21st, 2009. The night consisted of tons of laughter and a wide range of creativity! Thanks for all who participated and thanks for all the birthday wishes! Keep your eyes open Christmas morning!

Project: Plant an Ornament: 2009 Craft Night

Naked Christmas ornaments hang from the walls and a table stresses, laden with feathers, pipe cleaners, cotton balls and other crafts. A fridge swells with snacks and refreshments and glue guns sit motionless like the seconds before a mid Western shoot out. The ARTpartment again comes alive for this year’s craft night in preparation for […]

I Spy

I spy a garage tanning in the sinking sun. Its trim is white, though leans towards the colors of another SoCal sunset. Shingles scamper towards the moist green grass and the inner garage breathes through pipes the color of hand molded pottery. A pair of palms contrast against the earthy tones of the garage and […]

Doodle of the Week 12/12

Untitled by anonymous ( Send your doodles to!

Time flys?

The acknowledgment of time is unavoidable. Some refuse to wear watches and others attempt to only use the sun, but the ticks of a clock are always in the back of your mind. When does time seem to slow down or when do the months on your favorite wall calendar flip as often as leaves […]

Dec. 8th: Give and Take

Every artist not only inspires, but also seeks out their own inspiration. Projects are developed through research and evolve into one’s own individual and unique idea. December 8th has been a date which, gave as well as took… Jim Morrison was born on Dec. 8th 1943. After attempting a career in film making, Jim became […] 2010 CALENDAR

Another 12 months has come and gone which means we again have gone through our stacks of archived photos and chosen are favorites. 12 months of photos plus one cover shot have been assembled into one glossy wall calendar. What better way to start each month than with a creative photo of your village? Each […]

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