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Rocky’s Revival

The creation of art is closely connected to your state of mind. Emotions not only dictate the content of your work, but they affect the quality of the work, as well as the amount of work completed. Happiness may skew your palette towards brighter colors while sorrow and sadness may invite the hues of a […]

Happy Birthday to Us: 2 yrs and growing

Two years ago today begin its journey. A single photo was taken from a village balcony which ignited a thought, an analysis and an desire to share. Today we continue to observe our village by the sea through daily observations, local artist interviews and comparisons to other communities. We have implemented a series of […]

Beauty is… by Jefferson Elementary

Art is created by two different types of artists. One type creates to share their feelings, the deep emotions that define who they are and how they think. Their art comes from the heart. Others create art strictly for the sale. They paint not from experience or passion, but to lay down colors and shapes […]

Doodle of the Week 11/21

Just for Fun by Matt Gose 2009 Send your doodles to!

Swell of an Idea: Santa Barbara in Nov.

Tourists fluid are shady village streets on vacations much like we do to other communities during our days off. We grimace when traffic creeps along the coast highway and splash water when our local lineups bob with farmer tans. We all like to travel as much as we love Carlsbad, but unlike most who visit […]

Got something to talk about?

Your mark is left during each interaction of the day. A heartfelt conversation flutters in the mind of a roadside chatter and a coffee table doodle sits snug within a friend’s wallet. A catchy tune tumbles from your lips and is repeated by a sidewalk passer and your favorite joke is retold along sticky bars […]

LIVE stenciling: Ponto Beach

The art of stenciling goes through a series of stages; each one precise and sharp. Like each step in the wrinkled pages of a Lego instructions sheet, each stage must be accurately completed or the final art form will crumble to the carpet. The finished piece is the last step. It represents and idea, as […]


Unfortunately life isn’t always as simple as you would have wished for. Complications arise in the most secure and non-confrontational situations. When the smoke clears, you are left alone and wishing that things could have been different. Remember when things were good… and remember them often. When times of remembrance come, how do you reflect […]

more than meets the eye

Art provokes emotion. A perfect rendering of an inviting bouquet of flowers elicits happiness and the seductive curves of a temptress extracts your deepest suppressions. Childhood monsters creep on your forgotten fears and a monochromatic canvas creates doubt. The emotions of each piece begin with the creator. The artist plants an idea deep in their […]

a Halloween Crawl 2009

The village streets animated with celebrities and monsters as a brisk chill whipped up the scent of front porch pumpkins and silly string. Children scampered along the glowing residential sidewalks and others found their treats within the spider web covered taps of the many village pubs. The Carlsbad village was again transformed into a living […]

PROJECT: Plant a Joke- a creative afFair

Thousands of locals and Carlsbad guests crawled the village streets during this year’s November Village Street Fair. The sun quickly awoke and danced high in the blue sky above hundreds of vendors. While sneakers scampered upon hot asphalt, crowing poultry scratched in the shady village landscaping… 15 individually painted roosters used the village streets as […]

Plant a Joke 2009

Many have asked whether carlsbadcrawl will be doing Project: Plant a Pumpkin this year. We have decided to skip that project for 2009 for a variety of reasons. Taking its place will be a new one… Project: Plant a joke! Starting this morning, and for the duration of the Carlsbad Street Fair, 16 individually painted […]

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