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and the winner is…

Thanks you Margarete and Joe for your support of Carlsbad local art. Your contribution is greatly appreciated and we hope to see you again in the village streets soon! Omnipresent Art finds a home in Ponoma, CA another thanks to the other winners of each chair!

ART AUCTION: Omnipresent Art Chair

The goal of these drip sculptures is to emphasize the artistic qualities of the overlooked. Like the homeless that sit in our streets, the appliances, furniture and utensils become so routine that they become transparent. The artistic triumphs become overlooked and the story is lost. Next time you turn on your lamp, marvel at the […]

Art Auction during Oct. TOTC

As a way to raise funds for future Thursdays on the Coast art walks, promote local artists and to keep each monthly event slightly different from the last, October’s TOTC will include an art auction. Individually painted antique chairs will be on display at the New Village Arts Theater during the duration of the evening, […]

Doodle of the Week 10/24

Untitled by Justin Barrow circa 2000 Send your doodles to!

A Balanced Composition

An artist is never off the clock. An idea can enter the mind of the creative at anytime. An artist’s time card remains cluttered with doodles and a paycheck is the thinking mind of a viewer. An artist is rarely bored. As an artist, you never clock out. You rarely take a break and a […]

creativitY Sells

A garage swells with forgotten treasures and dark closet corners are crammed with childhood memories. Boxes of baseball cards pile high and framed doodles have long since covered hallway walls. Knick knacks in potato sacks dream of slow mornings on sunny window sills and a favorite pair of shoes stares at lonesome telephone wires. Yellow […]

The Carlsbad Temptress by bryan snyder

The village animates with mid day foot traffic and local pubs chatter within tinted windows. The leftovers of another Summer slowly trickle down the leaf scattered streets and city workers dig into sleepy corners. A storm brews in the distance and dark clouds swirl amongst the bright sky like vanilla in a sea of chocolate. […]

Visibly Transparent

Many personalities and colorful backgrounds wander our village streets. They are present daily, but are rarely acknowledged. Over time, they become as visible as a recently cleaned window, as transparent as a pane of glass and as important as a roadside dandelion. Their participation in our community is rarely accepted, yet they frequent our village […]

A Southern Crawl: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil will be on a short hiatus. The streets, beaches and mountains of Rio de Janeiro will be our playground and the many people we  meet will be our inspiration. In the meantime, check out some past crawls: San Francisco Los Angeles Central Coast New York UPDATE: Looks like you need a Visa to get […]

Village Art Show: Bakerloo Salon

The seed of an artistic culture has been pushed deep into the sandy soil of our village by the sea. Its shell has gently broken open and has allowed a foundation to slowly grow. Roots expanded as the soil became accepting and nourishing. In the two years since that optimistic planting, our village has become […]

ART SHOW in the Cbad Village

WHAT: On the Fence: Group Art Show in the village WHEN: Saturday Oct. 3rd 7PM-10 WHERE: Bakerloo Salon in the Carlsbad Village (MAP) WHO: local artist invites anyone and everyone WHY: art, music, drink and other shenanigans Art is alive in the village… take part in the emerging culture!


circa 1979 Happy Birthday! Love, your artist

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