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Movement in the Streets

A crawl down the cool hallways of a well organized art museum exposes you to the many movements of modern art history. Early experimentation of abstract art flirted with the capabilities of the mind and the emotional experience of being alive was conveyed in the bold gestures of expressionism. Pop Art used everyday commodities to […]

HONK if you are Passionate!

You put much of your life on the line for the love of your passions. You gamble, though sometimes the chances of a win is as realistic as a Christmas morning snowflake. You dig deep in search of your faith and grind your teeth in hopes of a success. You lay your cards on the […]

got plans?

This weekend swells with creativity and culture. Do you have an itch to put your ideas in the streets? Check out the Art Splash and get your chalk doodle on. Do you dig alternative classical music? Turn off your eyes for the evening at let your ears paint a mental picture at the 6th annual […]

Village Bulletin Board

With the increasing amount of village events, it only seems appropriate to have a designated location where announcements can be made. Like browsing your early morning blogs and flipping through the forgotten pages of the local paper, village crawlers should have a place to pass each morning for updates on their community. It’s at UpState, […]

Carlsbad Cinema Under the Stars

September Cinema Under the Stars at Maffucci Field in Carlsbad

Papa Wanderer and the Carlsbad Bar Crawl pt.8

The Gold Tee  (MAP) Is there any other way to end the Carlsbad Bar Crawl. The Tee has a thriving early morning local bar scene as well as a popular destination for the late night bar crawlers. It’s dark and dingy, perfect for an introvert, but it has been know to get pretty wild. One […]

Papa Wanderer and the Carlsbad Bar Crawl pt.7

Norte Mexican Food (MAP) Forever known as Fidel’s, but changed due to a family feud, this stop is known more as a great Mexican restaurant than a Carlsbad bar crawl stop. Don’t let that stop you because the bar is worth a Margarita or two. The walls are decked out with Mexican sombreros and each […]

Papa Wanderer and the Carlsbad Bar Crawl pt.6

Hensley’s Flying Elephant  (WEBSITE) (MAP) Formally known as Skid Joe’s, and a whole lot better, Hensley’s provides great food, live music and numerous special events. The pub stays dim and is decked out with a variety of novelty skate and music memorabilia straight from skateboarder legend and accordion ruler Matt Hensley’s personal collection. The juke […]

Papa Wanderer and the Carlsbad Bar Crawl pt.5

Hennessey’s  (WEBSITE) (MAP) Right in the heart of the village and a stone throw away from many other bars, Hennessey’s convenience alone makes it a frequented stop on any crawl. The menu is packed with everything from Irish Nachos to Meatloaf and a smorgasbord of specials including buy 1 get 1 free breakfast or hamburgers […]

Papa Wanderer and the Carlsbad Bar Crawl pt.4

Dini’s (WEBSITE) (MAP) You either love this bar or hate it. If not for the location, it would not be on our crawl. For a strong drink, your fix can be found here, but for us, we stay away. The patio is nice on a sunny day or during sunset and for those singles, a […]

local forecast: LIGHTNING BOLTS

Contact for a pair of your own bolts!!!

Papa Wanderer and the Carlsbad Bar Crawl pt.3

Mr. Peabody’s  (WEBSITE) (MAP) A popular Sunday morning destination for anyone who enjoys a simple Bloody Mary bar. The food menu covers most of the necessities and you can catch a great special almost every day. The juke box bounces when a sporting event isn’t televised and an interesting conversation is never far. There was […]

Papa Wanderer and the Carlsbad Bar Crawl pt.2

Coyote Bar and Grill (MAP) Higher drink prices and cover charges usually push us upstairs where an overhead view of sloppy dancing accompanies sushi and warm Saki, but the Rum and Cokes were stiff and the service was great. Jalapeno poppers have been eliminated from the menu, but it’s always a plus when chips and […]

Papa Wanderer and the Carlsbad Bar Crawl pt.1

The G Spot (MAP) As you know, the Carlsbad Bar Crawl has been stumbling through our village streets long before your first hangover. Red faced hoodlums slur obscenities while impatient taxi drivers screech around soiled corners. The full moon sags overhead as unstable bellies swell and hiccups are swallowed in the glare of flashing red […]

one way or another

The creative process is a journey. Long stretches of expressive outburst propel you towards the horizon while unexpected dead ends stifle even the most creative. The ride on which you travel reacts to the path you wander upon. Your wheels rotate at varying speeds and your brushes smear paint in all colors. No matter the […]

Village Blocks of Creativity

Another chapter has been completed. Snyder Art 2009 drifts into the past and the gallery slowly transforms back into a working studio. All flyers have been removed from our village streets and shifts back to artistic observations of a village by the sea. Many Carlsbad Flower Blocks have been taken home, but a few […]

from me to you…

The goal I set to achieve with Snyder Art 2009 was to emphasize the benefits of a healthy culture based on the arts. I wanted to highlight the rewards of creativity. I attempted to reunite friendships and introduce strangers.  I built a stage where the art was not what hung on the walls, but what […]

RIP Rick Sturgis 1947-2009

Rick Sturgis, a local crawler who frequented the benches at the corner of Grand Ave. and State Street, passed away late last Saturday night. He was found early Sunday morning laying on a bench on the corner of Roosevelt. During his 61 years he painted a colorful background, one which we now share. A memorial […]

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