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SNYDER ART 2009: tonight 7PM

With every painting now hung on the walls, each wall painted, the carpet cleaned, all marketing in place, the web laden with my videos and ideas, food organized, a photographer scheduled and music all lined up, my year’s biggest project is ready to be shown. Snyder Art 2009 open’s its doors tonight at 7PM. I […]

Briana Mooney interview: Living with the Artist

How long have you lived in the ARTpartment with Bryan? Is the current ARTpartment the first or was there another? This August was our 4th year in the ARTpartment. Before that we lived together in a room for rent near Cal State East Bay, where Bryan went to school. The house had 9 bedrooms, 2 […]

The Dripping Boy by bryan snyder

music by Matt Gose As a kid growing up in the middle class and in Carlsbad, the beach was my second home, my babysitter and my playground. The cost was only as much as a jug of water, a bag of grapes and a few sandwiches. My family would pack up the Suburu early each […]

’67 Volkswagen bug by bryan snyder

music by Austin Trujillo A special thanks to Jeremy at Trippy Hippy Creations in Carlsbad for donating his bug and providing the opportunity to create. This bug, and other omnipresent art drip sculpture, at SNYDER ART 2009!

Screen printing by bryan snyder

A weed thrives on the ability to grow without inhibitions. Though perceived as unattractive, the weed showcases qualities much like a beautiful flower, but with the uncanny ability to multiply. An unmanicured garden, much like a forest, grows freely, wrapping around nearby trees and hanging off tall branches.  Each individual plant interacts with its neighbors, […]

Introducing Matt Gose

“Words” performed by Matt Gose at Snyder Art and Design How old are you? Where do you live and where did you grow up? How long have you been playing music? I’m 19. I was born and raised in Carlsbad. I’ve been playing music since about 14 or 15. Started when I was a sophomore […]

Carlsbad Flower Blocks by bryan snyder

Art is omnipresent, it is in everything and all around us. The most mundane appliances or structures can be critiqued in terms of color, composition and conceptual reasoning, ultimately revealing artistic merit. A toaster, a camera and a bicycle are all used, but rarely analyzed. To encourage a visual observation and mental analysis, I have […]

Silicone Molding by bryan snyder

As an artist, the easy part is coming up with the idea. The tough part, though always fun, is carrying it out. As a kid, the medium was always the same… pencil on paper. As I have grown, my projects have become larger and more wide spread. The below steps briefly describes the process of […]

SNYDER ART: Chapter 2

When you work a whole year for one show, a stack of paintings slowly grows in the back of your studio. Your progress is measured in the height of the pile and your technical and creative achievement is something that will be critiqued during your opening reception. Your pile is a visual journal. Each painting […]

A Sidewalk Doodle

It seems like recent weeks leading up to my show have been packed with chores, meetings and a lot of organizing. The mornings begin with a few hours of emails and online updates and the rest of the day is an attempt to complete as many tasks as possible off a list that rarely shortens. […]

New Magnets and Stickers: Aug. 29th

The paintings that hang from the walls of a gallery is only one section of the work that goes into an art show. A web of networks has to be woven from the local community to the press. Marketing material has to be designed- web and print and all promotions have to be distributed. Timing […]

Señor Grubby’s at SNYDER ART 2009

All my paintings, prints and sculptures are finished and packed away. My studio is empty and the ARTpartment has been transformed from a cozy magazine laden residence to a swollen storage of creativity. Each piece awaits for its time to hang under bright lights and in front of scanning eyes. One large piece of art […]

the Road to Snyder Art 2009

The cycle continues. Another year of creating is about to conclude with Bryan Snyder’s second annual solo art show located at his Carlsbad village studio on Aug. 29th. The show will consist of his favorite paintings from this year, as well as t shirts, drip sculptures, stickers, magnets, limited edition prints, food and live music. […]

Split Ends Art Show:Oside

WHAT: a collaborative art show WHERE: Split Ends Hair studio in Oceanside (map) WHEN: Sunday Aug. 23rd 6pm-10 WHY: local Art Check out Carlsbad Foundry artist’s Pablo and Matty, as well as other great creators!

Los Sindicate rocks Hensley’s

click on all photos to enlarge An eager crowd poured through the welcoming doors of the dark pub as the bar cracked with PBR tall cans. Tenders frantically juggled drinks and the taps rattled with the excitement of another packed house. Ice cubes clanked around stiff drinks and family, friends and strangers all focused on […]

Los Sindicate @ Hensley’s

WHAT: Los Sindicate WHERE: Hensley’s Flying Elephant (map) WHEN: Sat. August 8th 8pm WHY: mean fiddlin’ Click HERE for Los Sindicate at the OC Tavern! Click HERE for the art of Los Sindicate’s Austin Trujillo!

closer than they appear

Cars creep into traffic and school yard balls bounce over chain link fences. Homeless swagger cardboard signs on busy corners and scavenging crows tear into fresh roadkill. A pothole is a spilled cup of morning brew and a yellow light is a frantic acceleration. A summer day squeaks your overworked brakes and crosswalks animate with […]

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