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A Europe Crawl: 2007

As an artist, you take pictures; you write in a journal and you create films and song. You document your thoughts in a chosen medium. Your emotions smear across a canvas in thick impasto and your loves tumble in smooth melodies. Your anger tears through moist clay and your sense of humor bounces upon a […]

Stenciling by bryan snyder

Stencils have been used for many years and in all occasions. They have created letters to teach kids the ABCs and slogans to express political beliefs. They have been used on roads to alert drivers and on walls for murals. Paint is either sprayed, rolled or dabbed through hand cut designs in paper or cardboard, […]

The Death of a Skatepark

The double thud of urethane wheels rolling over a hot sidewalk and the sharp thwack of a wood tail are sounds anyone who has spent time in Carlsbad can recognize. Skateboards have been bombing hills, grinding curbs and flipping gaps in our community for years. New Curb invited everyone from the established professional to the […]

Happy 1st Birthday Sophia

The world is a young mind’s playground. Each day offers a new face, a new site and a new observation. Play with an intrigued eye and your story will write itself… Happy 1st birthday Sophia Lynn Parraga. 

Carlsbad Sidewalk Surfer

A sleepy morning, thick under May’s gray, slowly rubs the gloom from its eyes as the sun punches its card. Village stores flip their window signs and leaf blowers push debris towards the ocean. Rolling waves pound the shore and a light breeze tickles the smooth sea. Ripples agitate mid morning surfers and a chop […]

A Cabo Crawl

We’ve seen shots from Italy’s Sistine Chapel, London, Las Vegas, San Francisco and now Cabo San Lucas’ Lover’s Beach. Think you can top those shots… Send a sticker request and also receive an original hand drawn Carl Crawl portrait… Where have you crawled?

A Carlsbad Wanderland

A wander takes you to new places where every person is a stranger and every site is unfamiliar. You background becomes as blank as a new canvas and a fresh memory comes as easy as a summer sunburn. An old newspaper tells new stories and a smiling face promises a new friendship. Hex, fresh off […]

Jerry connects minds

Art connects minds; it brings people together and provokes new friendships. Long chats ramble into the early hours of tomorrow and ideas intertwine like vines on a thick forest floor. A thought is stimulated by an art piece, followed by the analysis of its many components. At this point, your mind becomes linked to the […]


Happy Mother’s Day! Love, your artist

Doodle of the Week 5/9

Classroom Doodle by Briana Mooney Send your doodles to!

…a little help from our friends.

Carlsbadcrawl’s goal has always been to create culture. We present ideas and encourage interaction. Each project attempts to connect the minds of our community, whether through provoking a friendly chat while searching for hidden eggs or through an idea glued to an ornament and analyzed by the finder. If all goes well, the minds of […]

An Artist’s Village by the Sea

Before Carlsbad was known as a village by the sea, and well before Carlsbad Village Drive and the incorporation of the city, John Frazier dug a well and began distributing water to guests at the local train station. A test was done on the water resulting in chemical similarities to one of Europe’s most famous […]

Carlsbad Village Art Surf: May 1st

Art is omnipresent; it is in everything and it surrounds us at all times. An observant eye picks up on each arrangement of brightly colored flowers, organic cloud formation and scribble in long since wet slabs of concrete. A village crawl is something most of us do because our eyes are attentive and are minds […]

Carlsbad Vilage Art Surf: A Village Crawl

WHAT: Carlsbad Village Art Surf WHEN: May 1st 5PM-8 (today) WHERE: Carlsbad Village WHY: Local Art!!! Spend the evening wandering the village in search for your favorite mural. Mingle with other locals and meet the artists. The event will kick off at the New Village Arts Theater at 5pm. Pick up a map and get […]

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