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SNYDER ART: Carlsbad Village Art Surf

Paintings hang on dining room walls and decorate prestigious museums. Sculptures scatter gardens with twisting figures and films unwrap on televisions. Songs tumble out of radio speakers and words dance on wrinkled pages. Each final piece, though different as a finished form, begins with a series of similar preparation stages. Materials are then applied in […]

FREE pasta bowl: DOMINO’S in Cbad

WHAT: Free pasta bowl WHEN: Wed. 4.29.09 (TODAY) 11AM- 2PM WHERE: Domino’s Pizza in Carlsbad (MAP) WHY: Who cares… it’s free!!! WHO: Anyone with a rumblin’ stomach and a thin wallet There we were enjoying a tasty happy hour margarita on the patio of Fidel’s when a chirpy little birdie fluttered down and whispered this […]

Mr. No Name exposed

After an idea is planted, it slowly begins to germinate. It develops through a series of stages, fueled by creativity and nourished by passion. When strong and ready to impact its community, it sprouts for public viewing. It encourages public interaction with the goal of stimulating a thought. Art connects minds, started with a single […]

Where’s Carl Crawl?

Stickers NOW AVAILABLE Who is Carl Crawl? (VIDEO) Each day begins with a wander so wide. A nod at the sun, I follow the tide. My hat reaches skyward with a buckle askew. My hair is in tangles, a sight for a rue. My clothes are simple, faded and old. My eyes are full of […]

Have you seen me? 4.24.09

I am framed like a painting and assembled like an installation. I consist of many oddly shaped pieces of wood, all fitted together like a clunky puzzle. I am old and unpolished. You might see me as dull, but a weathered personality hints at a colorful background. Dust fills my deep crevices and I am […]

Coachella Art and Music Festival 2009

The sun pinched and dust scratched as we sat in the middle of a swarming parking lot. Shade was as rare as a hobo’s hot meal and a cool drink soon became flat. Each minute brought more cars; our camp became engulfed by hot engines and smelly tires. Distant tunes echoed off surrounding mountains and […]

Carlsbad Village Crawling

Our village radiates with beauty. It swells with interesting sites and buzzes like a productive beehive. Flowers blossom with colors as alive as a glowing flower field and juxtapositions dance like an awkward couple destined for happiness. Each site provokes a thought, each encounter an emotion and each conversation a friendship. A walk down Grand […]

BONUS EGG Winner: Danielle Jauregui

Plant an Egg 2009 consisted of 75 brightly decorated eggs, all which were created during a preliminary craft night at the ARTpartment. Out of the 75 eggs, 5 were specially painted by Snyder Art and designated as “Bonus Eggs.” These eggs offered the chance to win an orginal Snyder Art painting and contained special instructions […]

PROJECT: Plant an Egg Photos 2009

With only a few eggs still in the streets, we decided it was time to show the faces of each crafty creation. Stay tuned for the winner of the SNYDER ART original painting… Click HERE for all the egg photos!

PROJECT: Plant an Egg 2009

75 Brightly decorated plastic eggs are now hidden in the streets of our village. Each egg contains a log # and puzzle piece. Crawl the streets in search of your favorite egg. Help expose the entire puzzle by logging your egg’s number in the below comments… and win a SNYDER ART painting. Click HERE to […]

Plant an Egg 2009 Artists

Meet your PROJECT:Plant an Egg artists. Each one brought a unique sense of design , crafting skill and humor. Old crawlers and new encouraged while kids played and stories rambled. With walls snug with warm bodies and chatter tumbling into the streets, Plant an Egg 2009 crafted its way into another explosion of family, friends […]

Pick your weapon at the ARTpartment

We hear (sorry KT) there are a bunch of boring eggs in need of a creative beat down. Pick your weapon and show these bare eggs what you are made of during a night of drinks, egg decorating and other shenanigans at the ARTpartment. This is a preliminary craft night for a PROJECT: Plant an […]

Seek and Enjoy

Take home a Snyder Art painting! Carlsbadcrawl is currently working on another community project. As a bonus, one observant participant will be given the option to take home one of the above paintings. You can view them now at Vinaka coffee shop in Carlsbad. Your eyes and ears will have to work. Your village knowledge […]

Carlsbad 5000: our eyes to yours

The village awoke early as feeble fences stretched under shady trees, over mellow hills and along our wind blown ocean. Crowds rubbed sleep from their eyes and wandered towards the distant vibrations of a rambling microphone. The sun watched as coffee brewed and the day’s cloud was no more than a tumbling puff of dust […]

NOW ON twitter

Carlsbadcrawl will now be twitting away observations, project updates and other rambles on Do you have a favorite post on the crawl? Do you have questions about certain rambles? Do you feel like it might be time for another project? Who is the next local artist interview? Check our twitter page for bonus updates, […]

Did you see…

click photo to enlarge …the swell at Beech Street this morning? Check out the kite surfer! What observations did you make today?

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