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Sun Setting Observations

The sun rubs its sleepy eyes and begins its descent as a palette of oranges, pinks and yellows replace the once bright blue sky. Clouds tumble in chilly gusts, tethered only by the illusion that all clouds are alike. Smooth gradients fill the sky like a soothing color pencil illustration. The sun grins with a […]

Doodle of the Week 3/28

Miss Curtsy by Briana Mooney Send your doodles to!

Overflowin’ with Freud

A middle aged man lays on a soft couch and leans his head on the overly cushioned armrest. His feet extend outward as he breathes deeply, followed by a sheepish exhale. His eyes are deep and his skin runs ruts like a muddy trail. His hair is gray beyond his years and his hands shake […]

the Village is your Canvas

Do you have a sketchbook full of ideas? Do you constantly look for large canvases? Do you want your work seen by all whom wander our Carlsbad village? This is your opportunity! Vacant storefront windows in the village are currently being considered as canvases for creative and willing artists. Along with your design, you will […]

Snyder Art @ Club 6: SF

6th street, located just off Market, crawls with meandering hobos and sleazy drug dealers. Energy buzzes like a misguided bee hive. Skirmishes outbreak like an inner city epidemic and the corner thrives with business. An old building, slightly dilapidated and surrounded by stagnant puddles, stands firm along a moist alley. A series of colorful rectangle […]

Artisitc Observations-SF 2009

While most choose a vacation as a time to relax, our goal is to explore. We adventure into the thick of a location, probing the underbelly of our destination. Meanders carried us through explorations of moist alleys, the never dull Tenderloin and many other less traveled San Francisco paths. Click HERE for the full story […]

Shark Sighting…SF

With another deadline rapidly approaching, Snyder Art drips to the beat of a Northbound wander. Carlsbadcrawl and Snyder Art will be on a short hiatus… Next stop, the streets of San Francisco!

Surf Ride Art Show:Oceanside

WHAT: Art, Music and friends WHERE: Surf Ride in Oceanside (MAP) WHEN: Fri. March 13th 6pm-9 WHY: Local art and music snyder art in SF (3.14.09) … click HERE!

Pods Away

Hobos growl and tourists toss wishes into the overly chlorinated fountain as the Floss Silk Trees (Ceiba Speciosa) loom. Their intimidating thorns poke like a stubborn nail and their thick trunks shine with a swampy green. High above the ground and tangled in the web of prickled branches hangs fairly large fruit pods similar to […]


WHAT: Snyder Art and Juxtapoz Magazine issue release party at Club 6 WHEN: Saturday, March 14th at sundown WHERE: Club 6 in downtown San Francisco (MAP) WHY: because you love wandering BONUS: William Kentridge at the SFMOMA Contact if interested in making the trip! click HERE to see a snyder art film influenced by […]

Doodle of the Week 3/7

The Goff by Austin Trujillo Send your doodles to!

OPEN MIC: Cafe Elysa

WHAT: Local Open Mic WHERE: Cafe Elysa (map) WHEN: Saturday March 7th @ 7pm WHY: Help develop your local culture Email with any questions!

Plant Your Seed

A garden flourishes in the right conditions. Flowers blossom with explosions of wild color and vegetables grow plump. Roots swim through fresh soil and leaves spread wide in the day’s sun. Like flowers and vegetables, ideas grow rapidly when planted in favorable conditions. Your ideas are planted by a muse. Inspirations digs deep into your […]

Hello Ben, I am Carl

Place a sticker, snap a photo and send it to! Big Ben glows during a rainy London evening. Where have you crawled? email us your address and we will send you some stickers… BONUS: New Carl Crawl sticker included!

Rosy Weeks

February flipped into the breeze like a napkin blown off a roadside table. Kisses were planted softly on warm cheeks and hands met during long sunset walks. Rhymes scribbled on nameless pages sat snug under wipers and whispers tickled the unexpected ear. Lazy mornings often became mid day snuggles and late night snapshots now dangle […]

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