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Art Show at Hensley’s

WHAT: Art by Jason Adams WHERE: Hensley’s Flying Elephant (MAP) WHEN: Friday Jan. 30th: 6pm WHY: Local Art and Stencils See you there!

Happy Birthday Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock (January 28, 1912 – August 11, 1956) Who from the past influences your present? click HERE to make your own pollock painting! take a screen shot and send it our way!

The Art of the Surprise

click photos to enlarge The unforgettable reaction to a surprise birthday celebration is priceless. For a confused second, time freezes and a growing realization stumbles through the mind of the unexpected. Eyes widen and a mouth gasps for air while a room full of screaming friends explodes with laughter and party favors. Like a well […]

Doodle of the Week 1/24

Happy Birthday Carl Crawl by Evan Rodgers Send your doodles to!

the growth of HOPE

A seed is planted with high hopes of healthy growth and wild praise. It germinates in rich soil and is fed the best of nutrient laden water. It constricts during chilly Winter frosts and expands during Spring warmth. As the seed develops, it stretches, eventually breaking its rough shell. The seed reaches skyward and punctures […]

SAND JACKET reunites:Ocean House:1/15/09

click photos to enlarge Tables, which were scattered around the designated dance floor, sat nervous while high heeled groupies chugged Red Bulls. As empty cans began to pile and faces blushed, chants echoed throughout the cafe of the Ocean House in Carlsbad, “move the tables, move the tables, move the tables.” Within seconds, tables slid […]

Randy Laybourne at Swiv

WHAT: Art by Randy Laybourne WHERE: Swiv Tackle Circus in Oceanside (MAP) WHEN: Saturday Jan. 17th: 6-10pm WHY: Local Art Check out 20 pieces, all 20 in. x 20 in., and an installation by Randy Laybourne at  Swiv Tackle Circus. Click HERE for a time lapse video of Randy working on #16! See you there!

LABOR OF LOVE by bryan snyder

The act of creating produces a finished project, which describes one’s thoughts at that moment. Projects strung together begin to develop a story and eventually result in the documentation of one’s life. Like words on paper, thoughts can be recorded in many ways. Ideas splattered in paint line the walls of your home and chiseled […]

coming soon: LABOR OF LOVE

From the view of a fly on a wall, watch as Bryan Snyder romanticizes the act of creating in his newest film Labor of Love. Music by The Ghost Orchid. Carlsbadcrawl will be on a hiatus for a handful of days. Stay tuned for the premiere release of Labor of Love here on carlsbadcrawl, as […]

US Bunk!

Patrick Matson, of P&M Maintenance, ended his 2008 in a confrontation with US Bank. From his point of view, cash deposits were not recognized in his available balance resulting in an account penalty fee each time he used his debit card. Eventually his account was completely depleted leaving him stranded in Glendale, Arizona and far […]

A Newsworthy Project

link to story online A weed sprouts in an unfavorable environment. It reaches skyward with solid passions and begins its journey. Upon a prickly stem, a yellow flower blossoms. It greets the day with the eyes of an innocent child whom rarely is held. Its leaves spread wide in hopes to attract the warmth of […]

Doodle of the Week 1/3

Ninja Twinki by Queen Sarah Send your doodles to! COMING SOON: Labor of Love: a film by bryan snyder

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