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Boughs of Creativity

We would like to thank all the participants in’s most recent public art project, Plant an Ornament 2008. Like other projects, our goal was to promote the Carlsbad village while uniting its community through creativity and local art. Would you like to be part of a project? Do you enjoy expressing ideas and […]

PROJECT: Plant an Ornament 2008

Log the number and a description of your found ornament in the below comments! Click HERE for info and a map of the ornament locations! Click HERE for photos of all the ornaments! Click HERE for the project conclusion! Past Projects: NOTE: Project begins Christmas Day!!!!

a crafty bday at the ARTpartment

December 21st is the first day of Winter, the Winter solstice and the longest night of the year. This day has held important significance in many past cultures. Seasonal changes have informed animals when to mate and farmers have used this astrological alarm to sow crops and meter reserves. For us at Carlsbadcrawl, it marks […]

Doodle of the Week 12/20

Go Skate by Steve Peek Send your doodles to! COMING SOON: Labor of Love: a film by bryan snyder

Plant an Ornament (prep)

Would you like to be part of our newest project? Come join us at the ARTpartment for a night of creativity, rambles, Christmas ornament decorating and other shenanigans. We will also be celebrating the Winter Solstice and a carlsbadcrawler birthday. Ornaments, crafts, snacks and inspiration provided! • WHERE: the ARTpartment (ask for directions) • WHEN: […]

A Thousand Footprints

Your day starts with a stiff yawn and a shuffle into the warmest room. The early sun flows through a dusty window and dances over the carpet stains of yesterday’s laughter. Chirping birds nibble tossed bread and cigarette and coffee scents tumble out your neighbor’s door. Between the moment you slip out of bed and […]

Doodle of the Week 12/13

Ronnie Waited by Courtney Barnett 2008 Send your doodles to! AVAILABLE NOW: carlsbadcrawl 2009 CALENDARS…CLICK HERE!

Hug Me!

Do you have a relationship with your surroundings? A wander during an early morning can be led by the openness to observe. Flowers become brighter and overhead nests become louder. Trees become greener and neighbors smile wider. Your path will become scattered with observations… and you will eagerly seek each one. Your relationship with your […]

Doodle of the Week 12/06

Untitled by Wander-er 2008 Send your doodles to! AVAILABLE NOW: carlsbadcrawl 2009 CALENDARS…CLICK HERE!

RIP Ozzie

We miss you Ozzie…

The Creation of…CARL?

Arguably one of the most famous images in the world. (No, not the carlsbadcrawl sticker, but thanks for the compliment) The Creation of Adam was painted on the ceiling of Vatican City’s Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo circa 1511. It illustrates the moment at which God supposedly breathes life into man. Thanks to Candice and Andy […]

anti interference?

Ideas are seen in the arrangements of flowers in your neighbor’s yard, in the elegant carve of a balding surfer and in the incoherent rambles of a roadside hobo. In most cases, a thought remains subtle and far from igniting backlash. In other cases, an idea is transformed through forceful and slightly intrusive muscle. The […]

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