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Carlsbadcrawl 2009 Wall Calendar

Exactly one year ago today our first observation was recorded on An in depth documentation of our village soon followed with through observations of our community, local artist interviews and public projects. Today, carlsbadcrawl remains a gift to our community and continues to observe and interact with the intent of encouraging the development of […]

Any Takers?

Imagine a place where kids sat on low couches and tapped their feet to  the beats of local bands. Imagine a place where kids skateboarded freely. Imagine a place where kids created in a “honeycomb” of local artists. Imagine a place where kids were encouraged to express their ideas in an inspiring atmosphere. If only […]

Doodle of the Week 11/22

When Monsters Eat People by Kevin Stallings 2008 5 years old – Hope Elementary School: Mr. Koopsen’s class “I would do anything to forget all that I had been taught in the years I attended art school. I desire the time where my mind was free from the “rights and wrongs” of creating art. As […]

Center Stage

The street is a stage. Curtains draw wide as  clouds tumble towards the horizon and a spotlight shines bright from high above. Vignettes are made up of random interactions and a script depends on the direction of the wind. Romances bloom in roadside flower pots and disruptions flare in congested intersections. Hobos growl and the […]

.complaints to the editor

An elderly man awakes to the same buzz he has heard each morning for the past many decades. He yawns as the early morning sun creeps through his dusty blinds. He grabs a framed photo from his bedside table and presses his dry lips against the glass. He slips his wrinkled feet into the grooves […]

Doodle of the Week 11/15

Mr. Happy by Jew Jew Bean 2008 Remember when the cartoons that we watched on television each Saturday morning were hand drawn, or at least flat digital animations that seemed hand drawn. Remember when Commander Mark of the Drawing Squad was your idol, not Pixar. Each Saturday morning will now be dedicated to hand drawn […]

Street Smarts

Many projects are thwarted by the lack of ideas. Buckets of paint remain stagnant and brushes dry. Canvases lay white and fingernails clean. A creative block can hit like an unexpected quake. The foundation in which you base your thoughts can crumble. What was once stable, can be leveled by the lack of ideas.  When […]

Where am I?

Our beaches stamp to the foot of sunset joggers and wide grass lawns dent to the rumps of family picnics. Playgrounds animate like ants on sweets and local shops entice with exaggerated sales. Stones grind under the sweaty boot of an early morning hike and city council members cringe at audience participation. Off the beaten […]

A Pumpkin Planting Promotion

We would like to thank all the participants in carlsbadcrawl’s most recent public art project, Plant a Pumpkin. Like other projects, our goal was to unite our community through art and creativity. In project: Plant a Pumpkin, we chose to involve local pubs, cafes, stores, eateries and community centers as a way to promote the […]

Halloween 2008

I return to the ARTpartment after a long day of colors, shapes and repetition. The door swings open and reveals Edie in a robe dabbing makeup in front of a vertical mirror. “Oh Andy”, she calls out as I waltz into the room. She wraps her warm arms around my neck and squeezes as if […]

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