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PROJECT:Plant a Pumpkin 2008

Log the number and a description of your found pumpkin in the below comments! Click HERE for info and a map of the pumpkin locations! Click HERE for photos of all the pumpkins!

friends of the ARTpartmemt

Friends and family arrived with pumpkins as the glue guns warmed and the radio awoke. Pumpkin bread baked in the oven as the breeze carried cool air and the scent of cinnamon. The television slept as conversation erupted and refreshments bubbled to the beat of another creative night at the Artpartment. Each crawler grabbed a […]

Halloween Art Show: Oside

WHAT: local art and costume WHEN: October 31st 7pm WHERE: Speakeasy Studio (MAP) WHY: local art, music, treats and costumes Dress to scare and enjoy this year’s Halloween with a night of creativity!

imagine all the people

A lifetime of creating begins with subtle ideas. You doodle favorite cartoons on folded napkins and scribble observations on the back of your hand. Crayons fill space between the lines of strangers and rhymes grow on the tip of your tongue. Your room becomes cluttered with the nurturing of a skill and your interests in […]

Plant a Pumpkin (prep)

Would you like to be part of our newest project? Come join us at the ARTpartment for a night of creativity, rambles, pumpkin decorating and other shenanigans. BYOPumpkin(s)…crafts and inspiration provided! • WHERE: the ARTpartment (ask for directions) • WHEN: Wed. Oct. 29th… When the moon is at its fullest! • WHY: to partake in […]

rolling up The Red Carpet

My head hangs low as I approach the store-front of a local staple. A slimy sidewalk divides the entrance from the parking lot and I glance skyward. A droopy hand written sign hangs overhead which reads- Going out of business. I peer through the dusty window and realize that, like the VHS tapes that once lined […]

Community Bulletin Boards

A walk to the beach or the local pub is like browsing the thin pages of the North County Times. It’s like wandering down the alleys of the internet and sitting through an onslaught of television commercials. In each case, thoughts present themselves for you to interact with. The time you invest all depends on […]

Evan Delaney Rodgers Art Signs

  As the Carlsbad city council election nears, signs begin sprouting within our neighborhoods and village. Flimsy material sway in the early fall winds with names of hopeful candidates. The sun intensifies contrasting colors and abbreviated slogans push you towards the local paper or website. Carlsbadcrawl has become interested in Evan Delaney Rodgers‘ ideas, specifically […]

I am Carl Crawl

Each day begins with a wander so wide. A nod at the sun, I follow the tide. My hat reaches skyward with a buckle askew. My hair is in tangles, a sight for a rue. My clothes are simple, faded and old. My eyes are full of sincerity, my ambition is bold. I meander in […]

A Crawl Abroad: pre wander interview

click photos to enlarge When you travel, do you vacation or do you adventure? Do you sip fruity drinks while perfecting your poolside etiquette or do you chat with locals in parks and plazas? Fellow crawlers and good friends Candice and Andy have set out on an incredible adventure. How will they adjust to foreign […]


circa ’77 Happy 50th Birthday! Love, Your Artist

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