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Local Art: Courtney Barnett

click photos to enlarge As the sun goes down and the street lights shine, hoards of people fill the remaining hours of the day hopping from the numerous village pubs and restaurants. Snakes slither while mice dine and laughter can be heard throughout the streets. On this rare Saturday night the focus of attention was […]

Art Reception: Carlsbad

WHAT: Art Show and Reception WHO: Courtney Barnett WHEN: July 26th (Sat.) 6-10pm WHERE: Salon 580 (MAP) WHY: Local Art Spend the evening crawlin’ the village and stop by the reception to see some local art!


A steady flow of cars push their way along the boulevard as impatient pedestrians tap the crosswalk button and sleek bicyclist balance. Local shops buzz with the latest sales and restaurants clank with occasional lame spoon. The sun shines while clouds hide and the village is in full effect. When you have something to say, […]

NIHILIST KILLS the Royal Dive Bar

click photos to enlarge A mangled taxi screeches to a stop and a red faced driver peaks his head out the window. A surprisingly cheerful man with shaggy hair and thin stubble greets us. Through a cloud of smoke and a raspy voice, he asks where we would like to go. With horns lifted skyward […]

Erecting Thoughts

A morning drive in route for another day under the pulsating lights of the office was momentarily halted by a shocking find. My eyes, yawning in the early hours of the day, scanned the awakening neighborhood for a rare jewel, something that would provoke an interesting thought and prompt research upon my arrival at work. […]

A mobile gallery finds LT

Once upon a time there was a gallery who sat hard and cold while the front lawn was trampled under the feet of kite flying children and chatting parents. Clouds bounced along the horizon and distant waves sprinkled salt in the breeze. The gallery sighed as it watched the day’s joys take place outside while […]

Hello Summer: June 21st pt.12/12

Hello Summer part 12 of 12 After its longest shift of the year, the sun slowly sinks below the colorful horizon as carlsbadcrawlers celebrate with a swim during the first sunset of summer. The setting sun smiles as the evening’s waves tumble upon the sand. It flashes a quick wink as the glistening ocean draws […]

Hello Summer: June 21st pt.11/12

Hello Summer part 11 of 12 The day’s blue meets the sleepy sun at the distant horizon. A casual interaction merges the two through a smooth gradient of color. Scattered clouds dance with the wind as they highlight the sinking sun. Limp clumps of seaweed tumble through the waves and wash up around my ankles. […]

Hello Summer: June 21st pt.10/12

Hello Summer part 10 of 12 Locals and tourists dip plump burritos into hot sauce as sandy hair dries under the summer sun. Hungry village crawlers and beach combers chat in between bites and cars honk as locals whistle. Runny ice cream cones drip onto the hot sidewalk like paint off the brush of Jackson […]

Hello Summer: June 21st pt.9/12

Hello Summer part 9 of 12 Summer rolls blankets of tourists onto our beaches like the tumbling June gloom of our village streets. Sun blocked kids dance in the heat as parents sit attentively in rented chairs under brightly colored umbrellas. Summer swells peak and lifeguards scour. For years now, it has been a tradition […]

Hello Summer: June 21st pt.8/12

Hello Summer part 8 of 12 Blue skies and long weekends invite spontaneous adventures. Your cell phone constantly rings with fuzzy plans that guide not to a destination, but in a direction. Encounters in the streets pass ideas of evening gatherings, but nothing is ever set in stone. The sun whispers the time and the […]

Hello Summer: June 21st pt.7/12

Hello Summer part 7 of 12 Along with giddy tourists and over sized beach bags, locals seek the refreshing breezes and cool tides of our beaches. Toddlers scamper along the shore with sand heavy diapers while parents, stagnant and cold from a long day in the office, unload the day’s worries. The sun, orange and […]

Hello Summer: June 21st pt.6/12

Hello Summer part 6 of 12 Thick mustaches and low brow hats circulate within our village like slithering snakes through the dark trenches of a lost kingdom. Red curbs radiate as watchful eyes glare. A skateboard is a weapon and a beer is a drug. Eyes hidden behind dark shades scan for underage hoodlums while […]

Hello Summer: June 21st pt.5/12

Hello Summer part 5 of 12 Kids with wet hair and sandy faces throw seaweed and collect shells. The rising tide teases as castles made of sand drip into the sea. The crashing waves roar with aggressiveness but are silent to the ears of the unconcerned. The beach is a playground where you don’t have […]

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