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Hello Summer: June 21st pt.4/12

Hello Summer part 4 of 12 When more time is spent on the balcony of the ARTpartment than inside, we know summer has arrived. A view of the village with dancing palm trees and fluttering clouds provides a perfect atmosphere for a lazy summer day. The near street carries neighbors in route for the beach […]

Forever Remembered-Stad

We will forever remember you Dave. We miss you! Dave Stadnyk July 15, 1980- June 27, 2002 You will always be my best friend. Leave a story and help keep his memory alive…

Central Coast Bound

Carlsbadcrawl will be on a hiatus for a handful of days making artistic observations of California’s central coast. Story to come in the near future… Carlsbadcrawl will be back on Monday where the Hello Summer series will continue with observation #4. Until then, enjoy some of the artist’s favorite posts at the links below: The […]

Hello Summer: June 21st pt.3/12

Hello Summer part 3 of 12 Carlsbad buzzes with excitement as summer arrives and becomes a destination for many beach seeking out-of-towners. Our sleepy village becomes overworked and tired as a steady flow of motorists creep down the coast. Traffic is a sure sign of the arrival of summer. Cars spurt headaches and motorists overheat. […]

Hello Summer: June 21st pt.2/12

Hello Summer part 2 of 12 What is a summer without Roger and his crazy antics? As the sun sinks and the shower line grows long, Roger begins his grand finale. Perfectly timed with the last minutes of the day, Roger heckles the crowd with sincerity and rues. His jokes are abundant and laughs trickle […]

Hello Summer: June 21st pt.1/12

Starting today, and for the fallowing 11 days, carlsbadcrawl will be posting artistic observations of our beach and village. Each photo was taken on June 21st. As a beach going village loving local, these are my observations of the first day of Summer: Hello Summer part 1 of 12 The burning black asphalt stings my […]

Mr. Brainwash Art Show 2008

click all photos to enlarge The sun glares at me as I creep the smoldering streets of Los Angeles. Cars honk and tempers flare as Santa Monica Blvd. whines with the weight of mid day traffic. Above the dusty clunkers and buffed convertibles, I stare at a long row of red stop lights. Green teases […]

MBW Art Show LA

Large, colorful and iconic posters flap in the wind as they become weathered in the beating Los Angeles heat. Passing motorists glance at today’s celebrities dressed in wavy blond wigs and drooping white pearls reminiscent of Warhol screen prints. Each poster ignites a chuckle along with the inspiration of raw creativity. WHAT: artshow2008 MBW solo […]

A Gift from a Neighbor

An artistic culture is a breeding ground for creativity. It allows the growth of thoughts and promotes the exchange of ideas. Coffee shops chatter with developments as minds overflow with projects. A once shy village drops its inhibitions and becomes comfortable with the expression of emotions. Closets spill once hid ideas. A creative outburst of […]

Waterhole Observations

An open mind invites observations. Your eyes frolic like giddy children and scamper like irritated insects. Your vision works as a liaison, connecting sites with your mind. Your eyes are the middleman that direct the visual towards a conceptual analysis. How often are your eyes on the clock? A lush landscape provides sites and stimulates […]

Help build an Interview

I have been asked why I never post my name, art or any personal information on I am answering that question along with any others you, the readers, can dish out. A full interview with your questions, along with photos of all my most recent work, will be posted in the near future. Here […]

Untitled by Candice George

Untitled by Candice George Click HERE to see photos of Candice working on this painting! Have you created something you would like to share? Submit it to!

the Epic of an Artist

A stagnant lagoon separates Carlsbad from Oceanside under the low gloom of a sleepy late Spring day. An artist, with supplies in hand, sets out for her subject. She wanders the streets of Carlsbad while scanning for her hidden muse. Like a hound in pursuit of a sly fox or a hobo in search of […]

…brightly colored palette.

Once upon a time there was a wall who begged for attention. He desired the obscure conversation and jumped on any chance to entertain. His passions belonged on the stage and his heart in the eyes of the public. His thoughts, educated through world wanderings and long reads, belonged in the ears of cool cats […]

Lisa Solberg Show

Stacey the Slayer WHAT: Lisa Solberg’s current show “I SPY YING YANG” WHERE: Swiv Tackle Circus Gallery in Oceanside (MAP) WHY: To support Lisa, Swiv and the emerging North County art scene WHEN: NOW! “I believe in expressionism with a mural/street art façade. Raw, energetic, truthful and as little thought as possible. Refined & Edited […]

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