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Welcome Sophia Lynn Parraga

Congratulations Jennifer and David…she is a masterpiece! She’ll be crawlin’ the streets of the village in no time!

UPDATE:Pregnant Bikini Contest

The gray coastal clouds were left to droop as I entered the dark, but animated, chaos of the Pacific Beach Bar and Grill. Waitresses swarmed like nibbling fish and swollen security guards wore shades. Red faced marines and washboard tone bellies pounded the bar as drinks flowed and fried appetizers crackled. I awkwardly inquired about […]

Prime Real Estate

A corner property on a frequently traveled street screams for the chance to announce a message. It stands naked, bored and fading as unprovoked motorists pass. Give a stranger the gift of curiosity. Fill your yard with thought provoking ideas and see how passing motorists react. Your yard is a stage and your idea is […]

Pregnant Bikini Contest

That’s right… a Pregnant Bikini Contest!!! Come support Amanda and her bulging belly during an evening of bikini strutting fun! WHAT: Pregnant Bikini Contest WHERE: PB Bar and Grill (MAP) WHEN: Fri. May 23rd (today) from 3-7pm WHY: the $1000 prize could buy a lot of diapers The winner is based on crowd participation so […]

Empty Pockets Accepted

The fee is a sunburn and the wait is the relaxing drifts between sets. A spotlight shines overhead while energetic hoots play in the wind. A concession-stand becomes the local 7-11 and a glass of wine is a deceitful Big Gulp. A Vegas jackpot is a hollow wave and a debt is the momentary sting […]

Observations from the background

circa 2005 Before the camera, artists crawled the cobblestone streets of their village searching for an image to capture. With sketchbook and charcoal in hand, they let their eyes guide them up steep hills and through thick shrubs. Their will to continue was fueled by visions of secret landscapes as virgin as the empty sheets […]

SubversiveMag takes to the Streets

A pole, a wall and a metal box have recently been used as a stage to express strong and passionate ideas within the streets of Carlsbad. Iconic faces stare through empty eyes as passing motorists chat on cell phones and curse. A fist punches skyward in steadfast determination and the Statue of Liberty raises a […]

.coming to a sky near you

As technology increases and space decreases, creative minds search for new ways to transfer ideas. Unlike the unthinkable years before the internet, today’s audiences are encouraged to seek information via the internet. When was the last time you saw an ad without a website address? An advertisement once relied on clever slogans and catchy icons […]


Happy Mother’s Day!!! Love, Your Artist

Ton of Ants Interview

Let your most carnal thoughts and degenerate tendencies out as you laugh and cringe at the doodles of Ton of Ants. Click HERE, or the above ad or on his tab under local artist, to read his interview and to see some of his work! Lets here what you think!

Village Sweet Village

Your home extends beyond the walls you sleep within. It meanders down the streets of your neighborhood and sits in your favorite cafe. It shuffles its toes along the moist shore and hikes through dusty Eucalyptus groves. It sloshes through marshes and hiccups in pubs. It cools you during the summer and protects you during […]

Part of the 4%?

A path traveled offers multiple opportunities for involvement and interaction. The sky changes colors as the sun yawns and flowers bloom like a thickening canvas. How often do you notice your surroundings and how much thought do you invest in your findings? Some rarely observe the everyday sites other than directional signs, stoplights and other […]

Fashion Show-MODA

Experience the creations of Palomar Merchandising and Design students at this year’s fashion show. WHAT: Fashion Show: MODA WHERE: California Center for the Arts (DIRECTIONS) WHEN: May 2nd at 7pm WHY: When was the last time you went to a fashion show? For more information, or to buy tickets, call 744-1150 ext.2349

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