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POP! there it is

A small group of artist first exhibited popular culture art in Britain in the mid 1950s. Such things as cars, electric appliances, pin-up models, pop singers, comic strips and magazine collages were all utilized as subject material for the germinating movement. Though it hadn’t grown into an international art movement at this time, some critics […]

…gutters gushed uncontrollably

Once upon a time there was a bored dumpster who had few friends. He faked cheerful smiles at passing motorists but only lured the undesired. He was alone besides a weekly visit by one whom stopped only to pick his brain and empty his thoughts. The local gardener seldom communicated more than a lashing wack […]

Battle of the Bubble

A mind is like a front lawn on a brisk Fall afternoon and thoughts are the leaves that clutter it. Worries sway through delayed moments of contemplation and tumble through the numbing air when ripe or wasted. As the the grass becomes hidden and a path forgotten, a lawn no longer serves as a soft […]

Trash Clean-up

Come join Candice and friends for a Carlsbad Village trash clean-up! • WHEN: Thurs. April 24th… 11AM (RIGHT NOW) • WHERE: Meet at the stairs below Vinaka • WHO: Anyone and Everyone • WHY: Trash Stinks!

Artistic Observations-LA

The rooms of the Getty Center Museum to the back alleys of West Hollywood, the trendy shops of Melrose Ave. to the melancholy streets of Skid Row; sites threw themselves at me as I explored the artistically diverse observations of Los Angeles. Click HERE, or on the above design, to see the full story!

Takin’ it to the Streets

Predetermined parking lots slowly filled as flustered teachers and supporters gathered for a demonstration against the California school budget cuts. Overpasses filled as passing cars honked and disconnected youth yelled obscenities. For over an hour, each protester used their public presence to connect passing minds, project ideas and stimulate change. Ideas spread like the giggles […]

Do you Dance?

Birds flap their feathers through an explosion of color as the sun yawns. The horizon, cold and stormy, is connected to the near lagoon by a bridge of oranges and yellows. High above the mosquito laden water, a concrete foundation, once the bedrock of a delicate house, sits alone during this nightly spectacle of color. […]

The Art of Childhood-part 2

Remember when a jar of change lasted weeks and splurging was adding cheese to a Famous Star. Whimsical laughs translated silly jokes and young minds told stories of ghosts and toilet-papering adventures. A long sidewalk was your highway and a sticker laden bike was your hotrod. Summer days invited hours of sandy toes and peeling […]

Vehicles of Expression

The opportunity to express ideas and beliefs is all around us. The walls we live within beg for decorations. The clothes we wear cry for accessories. Our bodies get inked with elaborate doodles and our bumpers become scattered with vinyl stickers. Your vehicle of expression depends on importance and the size of the desired audience. […]

Have you seen me?

The blue sky hints warmth as feeble clouds blow form the sea. Spring greets with hearty handshakes and charismatic smiles arouse conversation. Flowers invite hugs as bees buzz like an unleashed dog frolics after finding a loose panel. The fireplace stays cold and the television sleeps as toes acquaint themselves with the salty tides of […]

Rich the Stitch at Hensley’s

WHO: Rich the Stitch WHERE: Hensley’s Pub and Grill (MAP) WHEN: April 8th at 8pm WHY: LOCAL ARTS! Come support your local arts, bust a gut and have a brew!

Atop the “STOP”

An individual develops an idea within a protective layer of the mind. When ready, it slowly cracks the service like a curious chick and presents itself to the outside. It instantly drops into a new world where it is no longer the sole inhabitant, but one in many; a part of a well organized and […]

LA Bound

From the Getty Museum to the streets of West Hollywood. What will I find? The prestigious hallways of a the Getty Museum will be the beginning of my adventure through Los Angeles. Paintings that fill the books we read and the images we copy will be observed as a way to ignite my senses. My […]

A Puzzle Revealed

At this time Carlsbadcrawl is closing PROJECT:Plant an Egg 2008 and revealing the entire painting. This inaugural project has created a great interest within our community and we thank all the participants.Though the entire puzzle was never revealed by the logging of found eggs, we are extremely happy with the involvement by those who participated […]

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