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the Birth of an Egg

Click HERE for photos of each egg! A table as bright and cluttered as the surrounding walls came to life with the animated smiles and chatter of local artists during Carlsbadcrawl’s inaugural Plant an Egg decorating gathering at the ARTpartment. Paint smeared and googley eyes were glued as each of the 60 eggs slowly came […]

Egging on all :)

Click HERE to read the rest of the story Everyone here at Carlsbadcrawl would like to thank all the participants in our inaugural Plant an Egg project. There has been an extremely positive response from both the artists and the egg hunters. Locals and tourists both explored the streets finding eggs and possibly other treasures […]

Plant an Egg 2008

Click HERE for the puzzle board and instructions! Log the piece number and a description of the egg in the below comments! MAP of FOUND EGGS photos of all eggs coming soon…

Design an EGG at the ARTpartment

We need help!!! Come join us at the ARTpartment for a night of creativity, rambles, egg decorating and other shenanigans. WHERE: the ARTpartment (ask for directions) WHEN: TONIGHT Fri. March 21 around 7:30pm WHY: to partake in carlsbadcrawl’s newest project WHO: anyone who wants to get involved this is a preparation stage for PROJECT:Plant an […]

Art show: Oceanside

Check out some local art. Pablo, who had some art on display at the Saving Christmas Festival at Hensley’s, will have some fresh paintings. His stuff is good, come check it out! WHEN: March 22nd 7pm WHERE: 2483 Industry St. Oceanside (map) WHY: Local art! WHO: YOU See you there…

Felisa Skibicki-Encinitas

Relax with a cup of tea and experience the soothing songs of Felisa Skibiki. WHERE: E Street C@fe (directions and map) WHEN: March 22 at 8pm WHY: You like good music, a hot drink and you support local artists to read Felisa’s interview, click HERE!

NIHILIST kills:Harley Davidson

The sun dipped its sleepy eyes through the clouds just long enough to get a piece of Joe’s waling guitar solos, Loren’s growling vocals and the thumping rolls of Sean’s double base, before hiding again behind teasing clouds. The wind whipped hair that was too tired to headbang while others frenzied over the power of […]

PROJECT:Plant an Egg (prep)

Would you like to be part of our newest project? Come join us at the ARTpartment for a night of creativity, rambles, egg decorating and other shenanigans. WHERE: the ARTpartment (ask for directions) WHEN: Fri. March 21st… When the moon is at its fullest! WHY: to partake in carlsbadcrawl’s newest project WHO: anyone who wants […]

On the RD

The early sun stares at me as I crawl along the 78. Motorist swerve and brows dip. A timecard awaits as a boss stands stiff in a window overlooking an empty parking lot. My eyes wander as my mind organizes the day’s tasks. Projects nag as greater ideas brew. My mind steeps in a stew […]

Forgotten Passions

Do you have a hero, a muse or someone you look up to? Everyone has been influenced my someone else some time in their life. An early memory of a bright painting may have ignited the urge to record what you see or think through dancing images and a song might be responsible for your […]

..and fell asleep

Once upon a time there was a car. His hubcaps shined like the stars above an empty desert and his paint was as smooth as an undiscovered dune. His interior was the color of a thundercloud and was as healthy as a puppy’s young coat. Short wanders through village streets occupied his time when not […]

Carlsbadcrawl T Shirt-WEED

Homemade Carlsbadcrawl t shirts now available : Series #1 A weed thrives on the ability to grow without restrictions. A manicured garden has limits and bounds and is “weeded” to eliminate wild growth. An unmanicured garden, much like a forest, grows freely, wrapping around nearby trees and hanging off tall branches. Each individual plant interacts […]

Signs of Battle

Ideas run wild during times of political elections. Whether local or national, dramatic commercials pulsate in our living rooms and brightly painted signs clutter our sidewalks.  Coffee shops chatter with ill-read accusations and the internet streams media driven parodies. Our streets become a political battlefield where a persuasion is an kill and a lost vote […]

Reinventing the Wheel-Feb.29th

A long row of illuminated paper bags led the way to the show titled Reinventing the Wheel by Sanctuary143. This free event, catered with snacks, beer and wine, showcased art in a mellow and relaxed atmosphere while maintaining a high level of organization and experience. Bubbly guests and friendly artist lingered outside the brightly decorated […]

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