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to CRAWL or not to CRAWL

To observe, analyze and ponder, one must first learn to slow down. The act of changing location at a slower pace allows sites, which normally missed, to be observed. Ideas fluid our neighborhoods with creative expressions; all unique to the artist’s mind, but often overlooked. A dramatic development takes place during an infants first 2 […]

Reinventing the Wheel-Sanctuary143

Show Description: (taken form “The wheel has become so ingrained in our society that often the evolution of a culture is measured based on its mastery of this basic machine. However, we can pinpoint ancient, advanced civilizations with no documented use of the wheel. And with fuel prices rising, global warming looming, and suburbs […]

Artistic Observations – SF

A handful of days in the heart of San Francisco flooded our senses with interesting and thought-provoking observations, all unique, inspiring and foreign. Click HERE for the full story and photos! Let me know what you think!

SF bound

carlsbadcrawl will be on a short hiatus, returning in a handful of days. The culture laden streets of San Francisco await. Our observations will be reported on upon our return. Until then, enjoy the local artist Interview of Felisa Skibicki! t shirts coming soon

Felisa Skibicki

While telling stories through smooth melodies and colorful lyrics, Felisa Skibicki translates her daily observations, ideas and passions into the universal language of song. Click HERE, on the above ad or on her tab under local artist, to read her interview and to hear her music! Let’s hear what you think!

What is yours?

One day this structure will house a growing family or thriving business. Its many rooms will giggle with childhood jokes or clatter with stern conference calls. The inside will change with growth and the solid walls of the outside will weather with each storm and season. Passing neighbors will marvel at its Doric columns and […]


A craving for a slurpee or a random hunger for a bean and cheese burrito might guide you past a brightly painted garage with barely legible text and a looney character. If your eyes are open and your senses eager, then you may have spotted this act of creativity and uninhibited expression. Have you seen […]

the Many Faces of Art

art created by Moe in Carlsbad Art is capable of triggering intense emotions. The poised stretch of Degas’ ballet dancers showcase elegance and beauty. The bonnet capped child of Mary Cassatt ignites an inner flame of childhood innocence. Daumier pushed sorrow in his deep illustrations of the underprivileged and Delacroix painted the trepidation and horror […]

Free Your Ideas

At times of war, elections and other mainstream events, ideas can be expressed like the towering billboards of Orange County or the unwanted newspapers of Today’s Local News. The internet runs rapid with pushy spam. News stations claim to be unbiased but easily drift. Word-of-mouth information is as incoherent as an early morning bar conversation […]

Where’s Chia Homer

His hair is long, his eyes are crossed and he sits in the streets of Carlsbad… Where is Chia Homer? Have you seen him?

A short Bloom

Like the infrequent beauty of a Bakawali flower, the electrical box bloomed for a short period before falling back into slumber. Its curves and swirls danced along the rusty train tracks in an gestural display of blues and whites. Its presence was highlighted by the insipid backdrop of dull dirt and rock. As soon as […]

the Pole and the Palm

Once upon a time there lived a lonely tree. Its thick trunk rooted heavy palms to the crumbling pavement. Hot asphalt surrounded his base and an unforgiving wall inched closer with each passing season. Overheated cars nudged and dripped oil like a big brother teases. Pesky weeds whispered threats in his ears and overhead crows […]

Simply Creative

A simple act of creative expression can spark a thought in those who normally would be thoughtless. These acts stir emotions which ignite a healthy thought process. Improv Everywhere, located in New York City, causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places. These innocent acts entertain, as well as intrigue, the passing people, whom […]

A Starry Delight

Sometimes, in less frequented areas, weeds sprout and develop into sturdy plants with pulsating colors and swirling bodies. The gardener usually remains a mystery except for an occasional footprint. Cars speed and joggers bounce as the day passes. The weed remains visible, but hardly acknowledged. A light sprinkle of creativity, fallowed by a ray of […]

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