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…and sandcasltes melt.

Shadows on the damp street stretch eastward as an angry storm surges over our village. Flowers, dry and sunburned, stare impatiently while dark clouds tease. Long hours under florescent lights give way to slippery roads and tired workers. Clouds tumble as fast as cars speed and give way to leaks only when undesired. Tiny drops […]

Early Exposure

How often have you read an interview on a musician who reminisced about early memories of music or who had parents with the desire to tell stories through song? What about star athletes who grew up in stadiums as their fathers ran the field? A cradle may have been a towel under an umbrella on […]

Dan Schonberg Interview

Through spontaneous and slightly abstract illustrations, Dan Schonberg takes you on an intellectual journey through the mind of an artist. Click HERE, on the above ad or on his tab under local artist, to read his interview and to see some of his work! Let’s here what you think!

Empty Streets by Jason Groves

On a recent Sunday morning I drove along Route 79 through the entire town of Temecula. What was even more astonishing than the fact that I saw less than ten pedestrians along over five miles of finely landscaped sidewalks was the fact that of those ten pedestrians only four were not displaying billboards on their […]

The Muse and the Artist

Once upon a time there lived a can. Like many others, she was employed to entertain and soothe. Before her chance, she would stand in anticipation. She would watch as her friends waited like eager toys under a hanging claw. When her time came she bounced to life, then was yanked from the pack. Her […]

High Boltage Creativity

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On the Lookout

Inspiration may come at any point. You might be washing away the dirty hours of the day in a steamy shower. A nervous wait in a cold doctor’s office might trigger a sheepish analysis of one’s character. A long walk may provide time to analyze a surreal dream from the night before. Your reflection in […]

COLLECTIVE:readymade art

A tradition? A ceremonial act? An attempt to rebel? How many times have you seen shoes hanging from wires in Carlsbad? If hanging shoes from a wire represents something, then what does it mean to hang ice skates? Maybe its a cunning observation of our Southern California weather. Who needs ice skates in our village? […]

Voodoo Hilary in Carlsbad

It’s not everyday that we see such a blunt projection of one’s thoughts in the streets of Carlsbad. Once in a while a racial slur is scribbled on the door of an abandoned house or a phallic doodle might be etched into a fence, but rarely are the streets of Carlsbad used as a confrontational […]

Creating Culture

An excuse to bring people together comes around frequently, but is often overlooked, ignored or forgotten. An overall and creative subject ignites an idea which, if arranged correctly, can grow into a well nurtured network of minds, or culture. Branches of thought soon grow into separate directions, but always maintaining its initial influences. Like an […]

the art of THE PIT

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RED light BLUEs

photo and inspiration submitted by Briana Mooney A steady flow of compact 4 door cars screech to a halt as the overhead traffic light changes from yellow to red. Impatient drivers toss stink-eyed looks out their windows at annoyances who minutes ago were co-workers, but now represent another roadblock between them and their couch. The […]


During one of my many strolls through the village, I stumbled upon a scar which at one time was an illegible scribble of a name, a location or a neurotic rant. Nevertheless, it was someone’s idea. Unlike the many dark closets that hoard artistic expression, this tree represented a public forum which showcased an idea […]

Connecting Minds

A foreign idea is like an unwanted weed that somehow slipped through the fingers of a stiff rake. The timid outsider intensifies with each day and soon motivates others to plant their own seed. The rich soil of an expressive community represents a nutrient laden foundation for artistic growth. Time is measured in the number […]

Omnipresent Art

photos and inspiration submitted by Derek Mathis Art is omnipresent; it’s up to you to recognize it. The lit walls of small galleries and long hallways of museums make it easy to spot a well balanced composition or a thought provoking idea. The historical relevance of these works, as well as local artist’s big-time aspirations, […]

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