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three amigos

A thick blanket of harmless clouds hangs low over a rigid belt of green trees. Yellow explodes to life in the highlighted edges of sprawling palms. Receding lines of a fence trail off out of view creating an exaggerated sense of perspective. Trees remain in the background while others leap forward like an excited grasshopper. […]

Hold the Bacon

Creativity can be expressed in in a variety of ways, only limited by one’s lack of ideas. Paint can be meticulously applied to a canvas or aggressively splattered on cardboard. Clay can be caressed with sensual strokes or beat into abstract clumps. A visual display might occur on a gallery wall or within one’s mind […]

A Visual Tradition

A fascination with the visual may come from the invested hours in search of Waldo, the bright colors of Sesame Street or from the influence of your family. For those who seek visual entertainment, Christmas time is a jackpot of brightly colored nuggets. As the sun recedes and the chimneys smoke, festive decorations awaken with […]

Candice George Spotlight

Where most people have gone abstract, Candice George has remained loyal to the hand of an artist with experience and skill in the traditional art of Representational charcoal and oil paints. Click HERE or click on her tab under local artist to read her interview and to see some of her work! Let’s here what […]

Vegas Tripped

Tired tourist and disgruntled employees meander through the brightly colored hallways of the many themed casinos of Vegas. The fake sounds of winning jackpots seduce each new wave of eager gamblers. Women in short skirts waddle up and down the narrow walkways, bouncing off each drunk like a pinball who has had one too many […]

Art at Hensley’s

Eager artist, bouncy socialites and town drunkards met up for a day and night of creative expression at Hensley’s Flying Elephant Pug & Grill. The dining and billiard room was packed with talent exhibiting acrylic and stencil icons, surreal landscapes, goofy characters, mixed media, simple tryptics and lively pen drawing portraits. A variety of bands […]

Have you seen me?

My mind putters to a hold as my truck spits its first cloud of smoke. My eyes break the bond between them and my brain and become, like insect antennas, more reactive than visual, only awoken by the possibility of confrontation. While driving down the lively streets of the village, a foggy cloud clutters my […]

the Art of Childhood

Once upon a time life was simple. Each day started with morning cartoons and yawns which seemed to last ages. Our minds were stimulated by the back of cereal boxes and comics; our bodies strengthened by long games of tag and schoolyard sports. The word “responsibility” was still a foreign term adults used when their […]

the Main Stage

A city by the sea with scattered hills and steep beach front cliffs is ideal for breathtaking views. Palm trees thrust upward radiating yellows and greens while blue skies cradle fluffy patches of cloud. The sun is tossed through the sky like a spiraling football, slowly transitioning the foreground icons into solid black silhouettes. The […]


The battle of green and red is never-ending. This eternal headbutt lasts as long as your eyes stare and your mind winces. As your white flag waves in the smoky sky, you retreat, allowing the next passer to feel the visual agony you once loathed. Will these colors ever hold hands in harmony? If so, […]

Curtain Call

Photo by unknown photographer The ocean is like a theater without a schedule. Waves crash on the shore at will while panicking surfers scamper for the shoulder. The horizon’s bump dances like a seducing siren while a carnal lineup drools. As the skyward surge of cold water reaches its peak, the curtain yanks open showcasing […]

Happy Birthday Jim

Those who see and think of things with the intent to create have molded their thought process through a lifetime of curiosity and a desire to seek information. The motivation to explore your thoughts comes from many sources; some obvious like a teacher and others just as important but less direct. The waves were rolling […]

Saving Christmas Festival

Here is a perfect opportunity to get more involved with our community and the emergence of an artistic network. Click HERE for more info…See you there…

the Growth of Culture

A culture is like a garden. It consists of many sections, each able to heal and nurture a hungry mind as well as provide inspiration, motivation and entertainment. These individual sections may start out small and weak, but with enough interest and involvement, can grow wild with restrictionless creativity. What is your ideal garden? Do […]

Fingerprints and Tastebuds

What visual elements are your eyes drawn to? The wall or rail, the pole or sea gazers, the animated sea or the blue sky? Are you drawn to familiar icons like Andy Warhol, structures, direction of lines like De Chirico or emotional colors Like Van Gogh. Maybe its all abstract and each element is no […]

the irony…

During one of my many relaxing pits stop within the village, I noticed the irony of the police car, the red curb and the Donut Shop. Its amazing how often free entertainment occurs when you slow down and open your eyes.

Wanted:strong birds

Wouldn’t it be great if this nest hadn’t been blown down from its home high above in the branches of one of the many tall palms of Carlsbad! What if a group of determined birds organized a community project and lifted it back to where it sat before the winds. Before any big project, or […]

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