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…parallel and perpendicular lines! A Nihilist sticker peeks over the fence during a Charger Central gathering. Again I am drawn to the green and red contrast. The peeling fence paint and the fall colored leaves battle the greens of the palm and background trees but give way to the small but dominating icon of the […]

Lines, Silhouettes and a Sky

I felt the pains of growth in years of transition between youth and adulthood. The uncertainty of my chosen path haunted me every night as I juggled financial success with the drive to peruse my passion of art. I tried to steal glimpses of the future but was constantly clouded by the urge of financial […]

The Power of Color

I spotted the thick trunk of this palm tree while walking home from the village one day. I stood in my tracks awed by the battle which took place before me. The bright red tag, lost in hostile territory, is slowly constricted by its rival of contrasting green shrubbery. Though outnumbered, the red tag holds […]

a culture is born

Welcome to Carlsbadcrawl where everyday artistic observations of the Carlsbad Village are made. This site is a vehicle to connect minds with intriguing and artistic ideas, observations, beliefs and other shenanigans. Carlsbad Crawl’s goal is to create a culture within our Village by the Sea focusing on the arts rather than the next swell, Tony […]

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