Plant Your Seed


A garden flourishes in the right conditions. Flowers blossom with explosions of wild color and vegetables grow plump. Roots swim through fresh soil and leaves spread wide in the day’s sun. Like flowers and vegetables, ideas grow rapidly when planted in favorable conditions.

Your ideas are planted by a muse. Inspirations digs deep into your mind and begins the slow, but fruitful process of growth. They slowly germinate as your mind turns, eventually pushing through the top soil and into the view of the community.

garden-back.jpgThe longevity of your thoughts, once introduced to others, build strong through passion and the environment in which it has sprouted in. Chilling winds over blankets of blue ice would drastically impede the growth of a garden much like the close mindedness of an artistically stagnant neighborhood would prevent the expansion of creativity. Choose a location where others can interact, but where healthy growth can occur undeterred by those eager to “weed.” When possible, provide a forum where ideas can interact and build upon each other.

How have you encouraged healthy growth within your community?

garden-sign.jpg” Would you like to have a small space to grow some vegetables? You are welcome to use a half of one of the boxes out front to plant what you’d like. You may use our water and there is no charge for this. All you have to do is plant what you want, take care of it and pick what you grow for yourself. It is a gift of space. Let me know.”

-Tanya Sternberg

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